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George (father)
Ellen (mother)
Justin (brother)
Brooke (sister)
Forrest (brother)
Steve (uncle)
Dan (uncle)
Jean (aunt)
Naomi (aunt)
Jake (cousin)
Jordan (cousin)
Sara (cousin)

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Severely injured in an automobile accident, killed by David

"I'm ashamed to admit that my first reaction was not "poor Saddler." Instead, I wondered what impact this would have on my plans. Partly that's because Saddler was not a cousin I was close to. He's two years older, and to be honest, kind of a jerk. When we were little and our parents made us play together, he was the kind of kid who'd break something and then blame me."

Saddler was the cousin of Jake and Rachel who was horribly injured after being struck by a vehicle. Rendered comatose and in life-threatening condition, he was transferred to a children's hospital in the Animorphs' hometown.

However, after his heart stopped working and he was being rushed to an emergency surgery, his nurses and doctors were knocked out by David, who acquired Saddler's DNA and morphed into him, assuming his identity and throwing the real Saddler, in need of emergency medical attention, into the hospital's elevator shaft, killing him.



"Saddler has three siblings: Justin, Brooke, and Forrest."

Saddler is the eldest child of George and Ellen and the older brother of Justin, Brooke and Forrest. One of his parents is the sibling of Steve Berenson and Dan Berenson, making Saddler Tom, Jake, Rachel, Jordan and Sara's first cousin.

Growing up, Saddler occasionally played with Jake, but Jake (along with Rachel) considered him to be a "jerk". Saddler would often break things and then blame it on Jake. At a young age Saddler and his family moved to a different city. Little else is known about Saddler's life.[1]

Accident and Death

"It's your cousin, Saddler. He was riding his bike and was hit by a car. He's alive, but the injuries are very severe. He's in intensive care."
Jean to Jake[src]

One day while riding his bike, Saddler was hit by a car and severely injured. He was rushed to the local hospital, but later he was transferred to an intensive care unit in a children's hospital in the Animorphs' home town. Jake was informed of Saddler's condition by Tom who also let him know their other cousins would be staying with them while Saddler was in the hospital.[1]

Because Rachel's mother had become estranged to the Berensons after the divorce, Rachel had not heard about Saddler's accident. Jake informed her and the other Animorphs one night during a meeting at Cassie's Barn.[1]

David, the newest member of the Animorphs, decided to acquire Saddler and live out his life as a way to regain the normal life he lost. He planned to demorph every two hours to avoid becoming a nothlit and retain his morphing ability, excusing his lack of information about Saddler's family as a by-product of the accident. He and Saddler were of physically similar build so he would be able to fit Saddler's clothes and sleep demorphed, Rachel acknowledging that he would look enough like Saddler in the dark to avoid too many questions.[2]

David seized his opportunity when Saddler was being rushed to surgery after his heart stopped, his doctors convinced he would be 'gone in an hour'. While Saddler and the medical team were in the elevator, David cut the power, acquired Saddler and took his place, leaving the real Saddler, in dire need of medical attention, in the elevator shaft. Because David acquired Saddler's DNA, he was able to morph an uninjured, healthy Saddler. To everyone's amazement, it appeared Saddler had made a complete recovery.[2]

After briefly considering to allow David to live out Saddler's life, the Animorphs finally decided David need to be stopped. Saddler's body was eventually found a few days after the Animorphs trapped David in rat morph, leaving his family horrified as to how the suddenly healthy Saddler would revert to his original injured form and be found dead.[2]


  • Saddler is two years older than Jake and Rachel.


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