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"Royan Island is a small, private island about twenty miles off the coast. It's about four miles long and three miles wide and shaped like a crescent moon."

Royan Island is a small, private island located twenty miles off the coast of California.


"Marco, your mother has returned to Earth. She is overseeing some very secret new project. It's being run from Royan Island. Or, to be precise, it's being run from the waters around Royan Island."
Erek King to Marco[src]

It was originally owned by a bootlegger named Royan back in the 1920s and was later purchased by a family named Marquez. Royan Island was used by the Yeerks in The Escape, where they built a secret underwater base. The base was used to oversee a project to use modified hammerhead sharks for infestation so that they could be used to invade the planet Leera, but the project was terminated when the base was destroyed due to the Animorphs's interference.


  1. According to #54: The Beginning, it is in California. VISSER also reveals it is mid-sized coastal city, with series co-author Michael Grant describing the fictional city as a blend between Orange County and Long Beach.