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Animorphs warning book 16 jake rhino cover image

Jake morphing into a rhino

"And then, at last, the horn. It grew from my face, down where my nose had once been. Long, curved, dangerous. A primitive, blunt weapon. A horn that could have impaled an armored knight. But despite the formidable body, the terrifying horn, the power of the rhino, its mind was peaceful, placid. Basically, it just wanted to eat and to be left alone. It was watchful but not scared or angry."

A rhinoceros (commonly abbreviated as rhino) is an endangered species native to Earth. The southern white rhinoceros, a subspecies,[1] was acquired and morphed by Jake, Marco and Tricia.


"That face, that horn, hovered inches from me, as the rhinoceros sniffed me and I prayed he wouldn't impale me. [...] And then I had a hand. I stuck it out, half-blind, and touched the horn. I wrapped my still-emerging fingers halfway round it, and I focused with all my mind. [...] I focused on the beast. I focused and felt him become a part of me."

Jake acquired a rhinoceros morph in The Warning, needing a morph to save Rachel and Ax from Joe Bob Fenestre's clutches. Despite the crowd, Jake landed on the rhino in his falcon morph and acquired the rhino.[2] Marco acquired a rhino in The Solution, opting to mirror Jake's morph rather than acquire elephants like the others.[3] A rhinoceros was also acquired by Tricia[4] in The Ultimate to use as her battle morph.[5]


Animorphs warning book 16 inside cover

Jake in rhino morph

"Yeah. I need a morph that can go straight through those fences, through the doors, and take a couple of bullets if need be."
Tobias and Jake[src]

When Rachel and Ax were trapped in Joe Bob Fenestre's mansion, with the morphing clock ticking, Jake realized he had to break into the house despite the heavily armed security. He opted for a rhinoceros morph, as it would be capable of charging into the house and surviving bullet wounds.[2] Jake also used the morph in The Discovery to attack some human-Controllers at night.[6]

A short time later, when the Animorphs decided to storm the Marriott Resort, which was guarded by both domestic and international security forces, Jake and Marco used the rhinoceros morph to survive the bullets while dishing out significant property damage, while the others used the elephant morph.[3] In The Exposed, Jake morphed the rhinoceros to break into a flophouse[7] and used the morph once again in The Conspiracy to break into Chapman's house.[8] The morph was later adopted by Tricia, who used it as her battle morph, and she was eventually killed while in rhinoceros morph.[4] A human-Controller also used a rhino morph to fight the six core Animorphs and James' team in The Sacrifice, and was killed while in morph.[9]


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