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Animorphs relaunch covers 1-6

Relaunch Covers for Books 1 - 6.

Scholastic re-released the Animorphs book series in 2011-2012 with new covers featuring a square lenticular morph card, instead of the five-step morph covers of the original release.

The Relaunch[]

In December 2010, Scholastic publishing announced that they would be re-releasing the Animorphs book series. The first seven books were released during 2011 and 2012.[1]

The new editions have lenticular covers that actually morph and feature new models. Marlee Roberts is the model who portrays Rachel; the names of the other cover models are unknown.

Some small changes will be made to the text to update them, but all major storylines, plots and characters will remain unchanged.

Unfortunately, due to low sales, the re-release was cancelled following book 8. While books 1-7 were released in paperback with a lenticular card on the cover, Book 8 was only released as an e-book.

Differences between the Relaunch books and the original books[]

  • While almost all of the numbered books of the original publication featured a five step morph on the cover with inside covers featuring the animals in its environment, the re-release had only one cover.
  • A square lenticular card was included on each re-release book cover.
  • The re-release books had no flipbook on the bottom right corner of the pages.
  • Many small changes were made to the text fix KASUs as well as to update some of the technological and cultural references for a more modern audience.
  • Only the first seven books (and the eighth online-only) were published during the relaunch.
  • The original cover of The Visitor featured a grey cat, which was inaccurate to the description of Fluffer McKitty, who is described as a black and white cat. The cat on the relaunch cover more closely matches this original description.

Books Published as Part of the Relaunch[]

  • In the US, Books 1-7 were published in paperback as well as e-book formats, while Book 8 was published solely as an e-book.
  • In France, Books 1-5 (at least) were published with covers that look very similar to the US covers.
  • In Brazil, Books 1-6 were published by Fundamento with completely different covers which featured a large face that is half human (the narrating Animorph) and half animal.
  • In 2018 in Vietnam, Books #1-5 were published by Nhã Nam publishing with hand-drawn covers.

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Animorphs Book Trailer

American Relaunch Book Trailer


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Brazilian Relaunch Book Trailer


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5 Questions with K.A. Applegate (May 2011)


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