Tobias morphing into his pseudo battle morph and true form, the red-tailed hawk

"It was a red-tailed hawk. Mostly brown on its back, a lighter, mottled brown and tan beneath. The bird took its name from its tail feathers, which were the color of rust. The hawk glared down at us with unbelievably intense brown and gold eyes."

The red-tailed hawk is a bird-of-prey that became Tobias' favorite morph, and the form he trapped himself in. Tobias also uses this form in combat. Tobias' mother, Loren, and the Auxiliary Animorphs acquire Tobias and use this morph as well.


"Tobias, how on Earth did you do a hawk morph?"
"There's an injured hawk right there in Cassie's barn. There's this cool osprey, too, but I decided on the hawk."
Jake and Tobias[src]

Tobias acquired an injured male red-tailed hawk in The Invasion, as it was a patient being treated by Cassie's father at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic. Three years later, Tobias, who had been trapped in hawk morph shortly after first obtaining the morph, was acquired by his mother Loren in The Diversion so that she could escape from the Yeerks. Most of the Auxiliary Animorphs also acquired Tobias in The Ultimate in order to have a raptor morph, with James acquiring Tobias' red-tailed hawk form by The Sacrifice.


"Now he has brownish feathers, and a white chest, and a reddish tail, and cruel-looking talons, and a wickedly curved beak. Tobias was trapped in a morph. Now, he's a red-tailed hawk. A predator who lives on mice and rabbits and sometimes other birds."

Tobias becomes a nothlit in this morph. Because of Tobias's dual existence as both a hawk and a human, his friends sometimes call him "bird-boy". Tobias' narrations contain many thoughts on his internal conflict between his human and hawk sides. A common issue that arises is his need to hunt and kill to survive. The ruthless nature of the hawk contrasts with the more caring nature of human Tobias. Tobias sometimes wonders if he is losing his humanity because of this.

For Loren, the morphing ability restores her vision, but not her memories. It also helps fix her brain damage. Tobias is the bird morph for most of the Auxiliary Animorphs. In The Absolute, one of the Controllers is mentioned to be in this morph.


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