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Ax morphing raccoon

Ax morphing into a raccoon

"I do keep an eye out for raccoons because they can climb when they want to. And they are nasty, dangerous enemies. But it's a rare raccoon that can climb my tree without my hearing him."

The raccoon is a mammalian creature native to the North American continent of Earth. It is a morph possessed by Tobias and Ax.


"I concentrated with all my will. And to my utter amazement, I saw the raccoon's eyes cloud over. I felt his grip weaken. And like a miracle, I felt myself begin to "acquire" the raccoon. I felt it become a part of me."

In The Change, set in 1997, Tobias acquired a male raccoon that attempted to eat him alive, and was the first animal he acquired after his morphing ability was restored.[1] In The Sacrifice, set in 2000, Ax acquired an adult female raccoon. The other Animorphs may have also acquired a raccoon morph by The Sacrifice, although it is never explicitly confirmed.[2]


Animorphs 52 inside cover only

Ax in raccoon morph carrying a Z-space transponder in his mouth

"I took advantage of the almost total darkness and quickly morphed a raccoon. I was able to leave the camp without any Hork-Bajir or human lookout spotting me. An adult female raccoon with a piece of alien technology wedged in her mouth. [...] The raccoon's small and dexterous "hands" were strangely similar to those of an Andalite and were perfectly suited to the task. The morph had become a new favorite of mine."

After breaking his wing, Tobias acquired and morphed a male raccoon that intended on eating him. Tobias then traveled through the woods for a while as a raccoon for a while before demorphing back into a hawk and fixing his wing.[1]

Three years later, Ax acquired an adult female raccoon after he and the other Animorphs had relocated to the Hork-Bajir Valley, since raccoons were animals that were commonly found in the area. Ax elected to use this morph every time he left the valley to contact the Andalite fleet, as the raccoon mouth could easily hold the Z-space transponder while the hands allowed him to use the transponder without needing to demorph. As a result, he declared the morph as a new favorite of his.[2]


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