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"And don't start in with Thumper from Bambi, or Peter Rabbit, or the Easter Bunny. Rabbits are prey, just like mice."
"I was just gonna say they sounded tastier than mice. I mean, people eat rabbits. Or at least they used to. In the old cowboy movies didn't they shoot rabbits and cook 'em up with a mess o' beans?"
"Absolutely. Exactly. Nothing wrong with eating a rabbit."
Tobias and Rachel[src]

The rabbit is a small mammal native to Earth. Often eaten by Tobias, he once acquired a mother rabbit before he ate her. Along with Tobias, the rabbit morph was also possessed by Estrid-Corill-Darrath.


"I swept down across the grass, silent, my wings carefully aligned. I raked my talons forward, flared my tail, swung my wings forward, and dropped with perfect precision. My talons sank into the back of the rabbit's neck. [...] The rabbit became calm and quiet as I absorbed its DNA. I acquired the rabbit, made it part of me. Then I tightened my grip till the rabbit stopped squirming. Till its heart stopped beating."

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Morphed by Tobias[]


Tobias morphed as a mother rabbit

"I ate the mother rabbit. All I could hold. Then I morphed into the mother rabbit. And I shepherded the babies safely back to their den, as over our heads the other hawk flew, looking down at us for a chance to hunt and eat as I had done. [...] I looked up at the other hawk through terrified rabbit eyes. I had become prey, this time for real. This is what it felt like. This is what my prey saw when they felt my shadow blot out the sun. It was good that I knew."

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Morphed by Estrid[]

"Estrid. If you are going to acquire Earth morphs, you must learn how to use them. Rabbits do not commonly chase large four-footed creatures like myself across a field and then into a barn full of shouting humans."
Ax to Estrid[src]

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Known Morphers[]