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"I am indeed the queen of the Nartec. My name is Queen Soco. And my hearing is quite acute."
"My... my friend means you no disrespect, Queen Soco."
"Good. Because it is usual for visitors to our kingdom – I am assuming you are not trespassers here to do us violence? – to behave with the proper decorum."
―Queen Soco and Jake[src]

Queen Soco is the ruler of the Nartec, whom the Animorphs encountered in The Mutation.


"From the large oceangoing pleasure boats we learn about the changing styles of Surface clothing and furnishings and recreational activities. And if there are survivors of the wrecks that bring these vessels to us, we study them, too. That is, until we have learned all we need to know from them. [...] Then they are preserved to become part of our storehouse of knowledge."
"You kill them and stuff them."
―Queen Soco and Rachel[src]

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