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Biographical information
Species Arn
Died 2000
Affiliation Free Hork-Bajir
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Prophecy
Last appearance The Prophecy
"Friend Hork-Bajir: I am deeply grateful for the gift of your DNA. I will do everything in my power to aid the new colony in banishing the Yeerks from your home planet. Believe me, or do not, but I tell you that I, the last of the Arn, will atone for the sins of my people."

Quafijinivon was the last of the Arn. As his species was being driven to extinction by the Yeerks on the Hork-Bajir homeworld, he escaped in a stolen Yeerk ship and found his way to Earth. There, he found the Hork-Bajir valley and met with them and the Animorphs. He helped them to revive Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan's consciousness within Cassie.


"Then the two of us — no, I suppose that should be the three of us, counting the receptacle — will leave tomorrow. While the new Hork-Bajir are being grown in my laboratory, you will have time to retrieve the weapons."
"If Cassie goes, we go."
"But she is just a vessel. Why would you humans need to come?"
"Because you think she's nothing but a vessel, that's why."
―Quafijinivon, Jake and Tobias[src]

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