"From the hilltop house, perched like a lighthouse above the cove, came an elderly woman. Graying hair. A strong, deep voice. Of course! These berries were hers. This garden. I was an intruder. I turned to run. But no, something kept me there. A kindness in her eyes. Into a kitchen washed with light. Walls painted warm tones of yellow. Deep shades of blue. Cozy, comforting heat enveloped me as I neared the stove. And the aromas! Hot cider. Homemade cinnamon rolls. Raspberry tart. When no one else cared, Professor Powers fed me and told me stories. Gave me the illusion of home."

Professor Powers was an elderly woman who was the only person who cared about Tobias after the assumed death of his parents. She gave Tobias food and told him stories. Professor Powers lived on a hilltop house that looked like a lighthouse overlooking the ocean.