"Three benign particles. In combination, they form a quasi-virus. A programmable virus. Deadly to Yeerks. There is one problem. One of the components is subject to ... to simplify, it has a volatility that could cause it to mutate in a Yeerk with a human host."
Estrid-Corill-Darrath to Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill[src]

A prion virus was developed by Estrid-Corill-Darrath at the University of Advanced Scientific Theory on the Andalite homeworld, that was designed to cripple Yeerks while also causing a negative mutation in humans. It was nearly used by Arbat-Elivat-Estoni on the Yeerk pool in the Animorphs' hometown, although the virus vial was destroyed by Estrid.[1]

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