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"The Pool ship looked like a fat, swollen, three- legged spider. I'd seen it before, up in orbit, high above planet Earth. The Pool ship: home of the Yeerk invasion force, base of the Bug fighters. It was a space-going Yeerk pool, well-defended, dangerous, but essentially a portable barracks, a giant mess hall that served up hearty doses of Kandrona rays, the sustenance that a Yeerk must have every three days or die. The Bug fighters rose to greet their mother, swarming around the Pool ship, bristling, daring anyone to attack."

The Yeerk Pool Ship also known as the Yeerk mother ship, contains a large Yeerk Pool as well as its own Kandrona source (which can only emit Kandrona rays to the pool onboard the ship). It is gigantic in size and resembles a black spider, with a fat spherical body and a flattened bottom, three leg-like engines, and several small tendrils on the bottom that act as sensors. The side of the ship has a docking port, which is an opening where smaller ships enter the body of the ship, that is so large Bug fighters are dwarfed by it.  The Pool Ship orbits high above Earth, cloaked from detection by human radar.


Capturing the AnimorphsEdit

"The mother ship. It was a gigantic, three-legged insect. The center was a single, bloated sphere. The sphere was flatter on the bottom, and from the bottom hung a weird, mismatched series of tendrils. Like the tendrils of a jellyfish. Each one must have been a quarter-mile long. Around the sphere were three legs, bent up, then back down, exactly like a spider's legs."

The Animorphs first encounter the Pool Ship when they are captured by Visser Three, who takes them in his Blade Ship through the Pool Ship's docking port, and inside the Pool Ship, where they are held captive in a holding cell. They Animorphs only escape because one of Visser One's Hork-Bajir Controller troops give them instructions to find an escape pod, in order to embarrass Visser Three.[1]

When the Animorphs destroy the Earth-based Kandrona, the Yeerks are temporarily weakened because they must rely on the pool ship Kandrona for three weeks, until a replacement Kandrona arrives. [2]

Seizing the Pool shipEdit

"It was a monstrous thing. Bigger than an aircraft carrier. More powerful than all the forces of humankind combined and multiplied a hundredfold. The Dracon cannon on the Pool ship could burn a hole through an asteroid. But it was a sledgehammer, a great, lumbering beast designed for war in the weightlessness of space. And, anyway, if we succeeded it would be our sledgehammer."

Near the end of the war, after the Animorphs had destroyed the Yeerk pool, Visser Three, who had recently been promoted to the rank of Visser One), temporarily transferred his headquarters onto the Pool ship and ordered it to land on Earth. The visser also ordered the complete obliteration of the Animorphs' hometown in order to create a sort of dead zone around the ship. The ship was to provide nourishment for ground-based Yeerks until a new pool could be created. The Animorphs captured the Pool ship and Visser One, with the help of the military, the Auxiliary Animorphs, Toby's Hork-Bajir, a group of Taxxons led by Arbron, and a split faction of Yeerks led by Tom who wanted to create their own Empire.



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