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Peter's Residence were the places of residence occupied by Peter and Marco in California.


First House[]

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"He used to live in a house just down the street from Jake. But that was when his mother was still alive, and before his father had a breakdown and quit his job."

This house was situated a nice neighborhood in the suburbs of California, just down the street from the Berenson Residence.[2]

First Apartment[]

Marco's Apartment Complex

Cassie visits Marco's apartment

"He and his dad live in a garden apartment complex. One of the older ones, on the far side of the big neighborhood where Jake and Rachel both live."

On a Saturday morning, Marco was at home in the apartment with Peter watching the television blankly. Cassie then knocked on the door, prompting Marco to ask Peter to wear a bathrobe. Cassie asked if she could come inside to talk, but Marco instead left the apartment and decided to have a conversation with her on the concrete breezeway. There, Cassie apologized for Marco nearly being killed the day before during a mission gone wrong. They then spoke for a while longer before Cassie left.[2]

Second Apartment[]

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Second House[]

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