Jake Falcon Morph

Jake morphing a peregrine falcon.

"The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on Earth. Faster than the cheetah or gazelle. Faster than the fastest dolphin or shark. Faster than any bird. In a dive it can break two hundred miles an hour."

The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on Earth. It is the primary bird morph used by Jake and James.


"Jake was flapping his wings a little more than the rest of us. He had adopted a falcon morph. [...] Then, to my amazement, I saw something go zipping right past us, faster than either me or Tobias. It was Jake. His peregrine falcon's smaller wings made it harder for him to float on the thermals. But those same wings made him unbelievably fast in diving."

Jake acquired his peregrine falcon morph in The Visitor while James acquired a peregrine falcon in The Sacrifice.


The Conspiracy Illustration

Jake in falcon morph and Marco in gorilla morph.

"I focused my mind on a bird. It was a peregrine falcon. The DNA of that falcon was part of me. And, thanks to the Andalite morphing technology, I could trade that DNA for my own."

The peregrine falcon is the raptor morph used by Jake and James. Despite the fact that the peregrine falcon's wings are much smaller than the other raptors, their small wings made them extremely fast during diving. Jake used this as his bird morph for the entirety of the series. James also used the peregrine falcon as one of his raptor morphs, and was the only other Animorph other than Jake, and the only Auxiliary Animorph, to possess this morph.


Known Morphers


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