The Pemalite ship.

"I felt, rather than saw, the ground open beneath me, a vast deep canyon. And there, perched comfortably on a shelf just below the canyon lip, glowing faintly green, was what could only be a ship. Not a human ship. It was, as the Chee had said, about three hundred feet long. They had not told us what it looked like. But the faint green outline was strikingly clear: The Pemalite ship was shaped like a sort of clownish version of one of them. Like someone had done a cartoon of a Pemalite, exaggerating the vaguely canine head, making the slender hind legs stubby, the belly chubby."

The Pemalite ship is the spacecraft that the Pemalites and the Chee used to travel to Earth. Hidden in the ocean, the ship's on-board computer is responsible for allowing the Chee to be able to move and use their holograms as well as their Chee-net.


Disabling the Chee[]

"The Pemalite ship."
"The Pemalite ship? What Pemalite ship?
"The one we hid in a deep, ocean canyon thousands of years ago when we arrived on Earth. It should have been safe from intruders. The atmospheric pressure down there will crush a human to the size of a guinea pig."
Erek King and Marco[src]

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Visser Three's Expedition[]

"The Chee have revealed the location of the Pemalite ship to us. It is deep, but not terribly deep. However, it is in an area designated as a Navy firing range. There are large numbers of exploded... and unexploded... weapons. Humans would be unlikely to frequent the area."
"Why don't the Chee just get to the Pemalite ship and move it before the Yeerks show up?"
"The Yeerks will just keep looking. The Chee can't get into a game of hide-and-seek. Sooner or later they'd lose. And if the Pemalite ship is moving it's easier to detect."
Ax, Tobias and Jake[src]

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