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"There were two suns in the sky, one small and almost red, the other four times as big as Earth's sun and a deeper gold. The trees and flowers and grasses around us were definitely not anything that had ever grown on Earth. The trunks of the trees were green and smooth. But instead of leaves, the branches just kept splitting into ever smaller branches and twigs that grew gradually from green to silver to a brilliant shade of pink. These pink twigs were all intertwined, so that from a distance the trees looked like huge balls of pink steel wool. The trees were no larger than Earth trees, it seemed to me, but what was huge were the mushrooms. At least, they looked kind of like mushrooms. They were half as large as the trees themselves."

The Pemalite Homeworld is the homeworld of the Pemalites and the Chee, an advanced race of peaceful and friendly bipedal canine beings.


The Pemalites were created by the Ellimist in a lab, thus the Pemalites are not truly native to the Pemalite homeworld. The Pemalites spread peace and love where ever they went, and took some interest in the human race on planet Earth. At some point they created the Chee, advanced Androids that shared traits of nonviolence.

The Howlers[]

"Then the Howlers came. They suddenly popped out of Zero space, thousands of powerful ships. They had come from clear outside this galaxy. The Pemalites had no idea who they were. And they never found out what the Howlers wanted. The Howlers made no demands. They just attacked. Maybe that's all they wanted: to destroy. Almost the entire race of Pemalites was wiped out. A few hundred Chee and a few hundred Pemalites left the planet, escaping in a single ship just seconds ahead of a new wave of Howler attack."
Erek King[src]

The Pemalites and Chee lived together in peace until a hostile race known as the Howlers attacked, killing thousands Pemalites. With diplomacy falling on dead ears, the Pemalites and Chee made a mass Exodus toward planet Earth. The fate of the Pemalite homeworld is unknown, though knowing Howler nature, it is likely nothing but wastelands now.


"The Pemalite home world had a gravity four times stronger than Earth's. Naturally, we were designed for that gravity, which means we are quite powerful by human standards."
Erek King[src]

Little is known of the Pemalite homeworld, though the gravity is much higher than that of Earth's.