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"But this is the most powerful computer ever created. It could rewrite the Chee's programming. It could take over every computer on Earth. The Pemalite crystal."

A Pemalite crystal is a highly advanced computer processor created by the Pemalites. It is very powerful, capable of controlling and rewriting computer systems, including those of the Pemalites' android creations, the Chee.


The Yeerks were able to obtain one from a Dayang trader, and planned to use it to rewrite Earth's computers, granting them total control of all computer networks. The Animorphs, along with the Chee, launched a plan to steal it from a high-security Yeerk facility, and almost died in the attempt. However, they were able to get the crystal to their Chee friend and contact Erek King, who used it to remove his programmed prohibition against violence, and killed all the Controllers around him, saving the Animorphs.

Despite knowing that he could now actively fight the Yeerks, Erek chose to revert his programming back to its original state, as he was repulsed by his incredibly violent battle against the Yeerks, and was mindful that as an android, he could never forget what he had done. He gave the crystal to Marco, who showed it to Jake's dog Homer and two other dogs on the beach. The dogs took it out to sea, and it was washed away on the tide.[1]



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