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Pemalite ship

The Pemalite ship.

"Our creators. They were known as Pemalites. A hundred thousand years before the Andalites learned to make fire, the Pemalites were capable of faster-than-light travel. And of course, humans were just hairy apes when the Pemalites first visited Earth. The Pemalites were not interested in conquest, or in interfering in the lives of other planets. They enjoyed life. They loved to play. They loved games and jokes and laughter. And they had been a fully evolved race for so long that all the harsher instincts were gone from them. They had no evil in their hearts. They had no evil in their souls."
Erek King[src]

The Pemalites were a highly advanced dog-like race who knew only of peace and playfulness. They were created by the Ellimist to counter the surge of killing from Crayak. When Crayak discovered the Pemalites, he sent the Howlers to destroy them. Because the Pemalites knew only peace, they had no way to fight back, which lead to their downfall.

The few Pemalites who were able to escape with the Chee were affected by a deadly virus the Howlers unleashed on them. They fled to Earth, a planet they had visited only once in the past, about fifty-thousand years beforehand, and arrived with only a few Pemalites still alive, though they wouldn't be able to make it. To keep part of their creators alive, the Chee melded the essence of the remaining Pemalites with an Earth animal very similar to the Pemalites – wolves – and from that union, the happy-go-lucky domesticated dog was born.


Created by the Ellimist

"And, for the first time, I grew a wholly new species. They were invented in my body/ship, created of bits and pieces of DNA. I accented their intelligence. I quashed their aggressiveness. I called them Pemalites. To the Pemalites I gave technology. They became an advanced species within a few decades of my creating them. As their creator, I gave them laws: They would never practice violence, and they would conceal their existence as long as possible. And I gave them a mission: to carry life every where. With all my powers I still could not equal the volume of work done by the Pemalites. They took to the stars in a. cloud of ships, carrying plant and animal species with them as they went. They spread life like a benign contagion."
―The Ellimist[src]

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Creating the Chee

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"We were toys, originally. The Pemalites made us to play with. They called us the Chee. It's a word that means "friend." They also had work for us to do, but they created us mostly to be their companions. An artificial race, yes, but not a race of mechanical slaves. We were their friends and equals and companions. They taught us to laugh and play. They loved it when they were able to create androids who could tell a joke. There was a celebration that lasted a year."
Erek King[src]

The only thing about the Pemalites that was not destroyed were the Chee, extremely powerful androids that the Pemalites created. However, despite their seemingly limitless power, they are programmed not to harm any living thing. This programming is alterable only by way of a small crystal that was really a highly advanced Pemalite computer processor. A Chee named Erek utilized this loophole in his programming, with horrific results. Due to the fact that the Chee are incapable of forgetting anything whatsoever, that gruesome battle is now forever burned into Erek's memory. He very shortly thereafter reversed his programming back to normal and gives the crystal to Marco, which gets snatched by dogs and they took it out into the ocean where it was dropped and washed away