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"No matter what happens, I want Pedro to acquire a morph. A good one. He's been in that bed his entire life. Fourteen years, flat on his back. Even if I don't make it out alive, I want Pedro to have at least two hours of freedom."
James to Jake[src]

Pedro was a young man who spent much of his life on his back and was James' roommate.



"A boy lay on the bed closest to the door. His dark hair had been badly cut, at places way too close to his head. His eyes followed James closely. The rest of him was still."

Pedro is a young man who roomed with James for several years at the children's hospital. His exact disease is unknown, but it caused him to be completely paralyzed.

When the Animorphs began looking for new members, they first approached James. However, James agree to become an Auxiliary Animorphs with two conditions: one, that he'd have the final say on recruits and two, that Pedro be given the power to morph and a good morph to acquire.[2]


  • It is never revealed whether Pedro ever actually received the morphing ability and if so, managed to acquire a morph.


  1. Pedro is mentioned as being 14 years old in The Ultimate, which is set in 2000
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