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The parrot is a small bird that is native to tropical areas. He has colourful feathers and can even speak.


In The Escape, four parrots are acquires in a restaurant by Marco, Rachel, Cassie and Jake.


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Parrots are very smart animals. According to Marcos assessment, not as smart as dolphins and gorillas, but clearly with thinking. The parrot can think, weigh, make decisions, feel, and has emotions beyond mere instinct. They are on the border with sentient beings.

Parrots can only fly with muscle power, and not ride on thermals, as birds of prey can do. In addition, they have less muscle power than birds of prey. Their visual acuity is not as good as that of a bird of prey, but much better than that of a human.

In The Forgotten the Animorphs crashed in the jungle after the Sario Rip. When Jake is looking for his friends, he sees several parrots in the branches of the jungle trees.

In The Escape, Jake, Cassie, Marco and Rachel morph into parrots, which are held by a restaurant as a mascot. Cassie is angry because of the non-welfare attitude, and Marco shares her anger when he realizes how smart the parrots really are. The four of them fly around in the restaurant, insulting the guests there, so that the restaurant kept the parrots back.


Known Morphers[]

  • Jake (wild parrot; white pet parrot)
  • Rachel (wild parrot; yellow-orange pet parrot)
  • Marco (wild parrot; green pet parrot)
  • Cassie (wild parrot; purple-red pet parrot)