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The Alien (mentioned)
The Hork-Bajir Chronicles (first chronological mention)

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The Hork-Bajir Chronicles (mentioned)

"News that a group of Ongachic minstrels had been taken and successfully infested. Fortunately for the Ongachic race, they'd long ago abandoned their planet. They are entirely a nomadic, space-faring race now. The Yeerks would have to hunt down literally millions of Ongachic ships spread in every direction through the galaxy. The Ongachic race would survive."

The Ongachic are an alien race that at one time, the Yeerks infested, but the Ongachic had fled their home planet long ago and became a wandering race of nomads. The Yeerks gave up on them because they were so spread out across the galaxy that it was impossible for the Yeerks to ever find and infest the entire race. Some Ongachic serve as minstrels, presumably traveling across the galaxy, stopping on planets and space stations to play music in exchange for their stay there.

In The Alien, Ax, while at the movies, pointed out that a Klingon looked like a female Ongachic.