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"Ocean World is a very new facility. Basically, it's several big fish tanks. Big, as in apartment building size. There is a Plexiglas tunnel you walk through on a slow conveyor belt. The tunnel literally goes through the water. The fish are all around you and even above you."

Ocean World was an aquarium in California, where the Animorphs acquired hammerhead shark morphs.


"We have to think about going hammerhead. Those guard sharks went after dolphins and Ax's tiger shark. My guess is they go after anything that isn't a hammerhead. And we don't have any hammerheads at The Gardens. However, they do have them at Ocean World. They have a big shark tank. I called over there and found out they do have a big hammerhead. Fourteen feet long."

During an attempt to infiltrate the underwater Yeerk base at Royan Island, the Animorphs, who were in their dolphin morphs (with the exception of Ax, using his tiger shark morph) found themselves being hunted by unusually intelligent hammerhead sharks. Realizing that they needed hammerhead shark morphs to get in, Cassie inquired as to whether Ocean World, the new aquarium in town, would have any in stock, and discovered that they had one, who was fourteen feet long.

The Animorphs decide to go on a weekday night, using the cover of darkness to try and find the shark tank. However, shortly after demorphing, they are found by a security guard, who is a human-Controller, who dismiss the human Animorphs are regular kids sneaking in, opting to focus on Ax, who is in his Andalite form. Using Marco's suggestion, Ax uses his tail blade to destroy the plastic Plexiglas, flooding the aquarium and drowning the two guards. During the chaos, Marco is swept by a current and is targeted by the hammerhead shark, although he manages to put it into an acquiring trance. He rides the shark back to the other Animorphs, who acquire the shark as well. The next day, Marco remarks that various news outlets, including CNN, came to report on the destruction of Ocean World, with the Ocean World authorities explaining the event as two drunk security guards shooting the place up. The two Controller guards are also reported as missing, one of whom Marco pushed into the stream of water, leaving the possibility that the shark, once snapping out of the acquiring trance, most likely fed on them.[1]