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Northern Harrier (Ax)

Ax in his northern harrier morph.

"The bird morph I have is called a northern harrier. It is a type of hawk, about the same size as Tobias's red-tail. Tobias's feathers are mostly brown and light tan, while the harrier's are mostly gray and white."

The northern harrier is a hawk native to Earth and the raptor morph of Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill.


"If we're flying somewhere we'll have to get Ax a bird morph of some type."
"We have a few choices in the barn. We have a northern harrier that was poisoned. About your size, Tobias."
Jake and Cassie[src]

In 1997, a poisoned northern harrier was a patient at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic. When the Animorphs decided to fly to a quarry, Jake informed Cassie that Ax would need a bird morph, to which she notified them of the poisoned harrier. Ax agreed and then acquired the northern harrier.[1]


Ax morphing Northern Harrier

Ax morphing a northern harrier.

"We morphed to birds of prey. My own is called a northern harrier. Birds of prey are especially useful for observation because they have incredibly acute vision as well as excellent hearing."

The northern harrier was Ax's primary bird morph, used for flying, scouting, traveling and occasionally attacking.