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"It's a container ship called Newmar. It's from Monrovia."

Newmar is a container ship that the Animorphs once stowed away on to traverse across the Pacific Ocean.


"The ship was gigantic, painted a rusty blue, with a deck longer than a football field. The superstructure was all crammed toward the back. That's where the crew would be, so we flew forward, hoping to find someplace private. The deck was stacked with containers, big steel boxes like trailers. Row after row of them lined the deck, and we could see hundreds more down in the hold. We settled in the narrow space between two rows of containers, far forward."

In 1997,[1] Newmar had departed from Monrovia and was on its way to Singapore. While en route to Singapore,[2] they traveled through the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of California.[3] The Animorphs flew to the Newmar in seagull morph, as they intended to use the ship to travel through the ocean quickly. Jake, Rachel, Cassie and Marco found a safe section between two containers on deck where the crew was not present, after which they demorphed and stowed away on the ship for an hour. Marco then half-morphed into a dolphin while leaning against the railing, allowing the other three to push him into the ocean, after which they jumped off the ship and into the ocean to assume dolphin morphs themselves.[2]



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