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"Ah, it's the ruffian. The wild brat who knocked me over. Old Hoof and Tail, is it? Well. I kind of like the name. I suppose we'll have to let the ruffian live."
―Nerefir to Elfangor[src]

Nerefir was an Andalite War-Prince and the captain of the Dome ship GalaxyTree. Elfangor and Ax served under him while stationed aboard the ship.


Captain of the GalaxyTree[]

Nerefir was a great warrior and hero, idolized by Elfangor.[3] While he was serving on board the GalaxyTree, Ax once accidentally ran into him so hard, he ended up with one of his eye stalks bruised. Ax also referred to him as "Old Hoof and Tail", which Nerefir found amusing.

When the GalaxyTree dropped out of Z-space near Earth, they were ambushed by Visser Three's Blade ship. After the GalaxyTree separated itself from its dome, the main section was destroyed by the Blade ship, killing Nerefir and the rest of the warriors on board.[4]


  1. The Andalite Chronicles takes place in 1976 and states it is 21 years before Elfangor met the Animorphs. Nerefir's death qas on the same day, placing it in 1997.
  2. Killed by Yeerks in GalaxyTree explosion
  3. The Andalite Chronicles
  4. The Alien