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"I flew to Rachel's house that night, after the lights in her sisters' and mother's bedrooms were turned off. She had left the window open, as she often did."

Naomi's House was a house in the Californian suburbs owned by Naomi, where she lived with her daughters. The house was partially destroyed by Rachel in 1997, when she morphed into an elephant in her bedroom; however, the public reason was given as shoddy flooring, which resulted in the insurance agency quickly paying for a rebuild with renovations.


Family Home[]

"I lay around the house and watched day time trash TV. I flipped channels back and forth, between one bunch of messed-up people and another bunch of even more messed-up people."

This house was a two-story house the suburbs of California[2] where Naomi and Dan lived with their three daughters: Rachel, Jordan and Sara.[3] The house was only a few blocks away from the Berenson Residence.[4] By the mid-1990s, Naomi and Dan divorced; as Dan moved out, the women continued residing at the house. Rachel had a bedroom for herself, while Jordan and Sara shared a room, although both rooms were connected by a shared bathroom.[5] In 1997,[6] Naomi was at home working on her legal briefs while Jordan and Sara watched shows in the family room when Rachel returned home. As Naomi was occupied with work, they ordered pizza for dinner. Rachel then called the other Animorphs to come over to her house, where she informed them that a grown man had tried to force her into her car and then chased her when she ran. However, when she revealed that she partially morphed into the elephant to stop him, she was berated by the boys, who called her dumb for risking their identities by exposing their morphing. One night, Jordan heard Rachel yelling about maggots before screaming in her sleep. Jordan then woke Rachel up before following Rachel to their shared bathroom, where Rachel threw up in the toilet. Rachel then shared a hug with her sister before returning to bed.[5]

As a means to help Tobias, Rachel installed a birdhouse outside of her bedroom window to allow Tobias to land. Shortly after, on a Saturday, Jake, Marco and Cassie saw a live commercial where a hawk and an elephant attacked a car dealership, with the hawk freeing a caged hawk while the elephant destroyed cars. Realizing it was Tobias and Rachel, the trio made their way to Naomi's house and waited in Rachel's bedroom. As Rachel returned home and entered her room as Tobias flew in through the open window, they yelled at the duo for their actions. The argument quickly became jovial, and the team shared laughs before the others left the house. Two nights later, Tobias visited Rachel's room, where she invited him in as she had locked her bedroom door. Tobias and Rachel spoke about his hawk situation, and when Tobias mentioned that he was losing himself and couldn't even remember what his human form looked like, Rachel showed him a picture of Tobias that she had in her nightstand. After a short talk, Tobias left Rachel's room for the night. A few days later, Tobias, who was now living in the wild and eating like a true hawk, flew to Rachel's house at night in order to speak with her. Not too long after, following the destruction of the Truck ship, Tobias returned to Rachel's house during the daytime for another conversation before flying out of her window.[4]

Rachel eventually added Post-it notes of inspirational sayings in her room, including a Sun Tzu quote from The Art of War. Not too long after, on a Monday, the Animorphs went to Rachel's house after school to hold a meeting, as Naomi, Jordan and Sara were not home at the time. Sitting in Rachel's room, Cassie and Tobias revealed that they had both experienced dreams where a voice under the ocean was calling to them for help. While Rachel and Marco were dismissive, Jake then asked Rachel if they could use her VCR. The group then made their way downstairs to Rachel's living room, where Jake inserted the VHS in the VCR. The cassette began playing a taped news report about a weird metal fragment that had washed up on the beach. Jake revealed that the writing on the metal fragment was the same Andalite writing that he had seen inside Elfangor's fighter. Cassie and Tobias were then knocked out by another vision, this time where they heard the voice more clearly and realized it was an Andalite calling for help. They then regained consciousness, and the Animorphs left Rachel's house and decided to go to the beach. On Saturday, the Animorphs once again held a meeting at Rachel's house to discuss their plans to rescue the Andalite who was trapped under the ocean.[7]

Destroyed by Rachel[]

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"That night I went to Rachel's room. She was asleep. She was ticked off when I woke her up. But she rolled out of bed and put on a robe and told me she'd never get any sleep with some idiot bird coming in and out at all hours."

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Elfangor eye closeup andalite chron "Someone took a picture of me? Not cool. Do you see what I'm wearing? I'm Spandex-boy. Totally not cool."

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