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"How did you turn out to be so arrogant? So sure nothing can be solved by compromise or negotiation. So sure all disagreements have to be settled by force or violence."
―Naomi to Rachel[src]

Naomi is a lawyer and the mother of Rachel, Jordan and Sara.


Career and Family Life[]

"My mother's a lawyer, and she brings work home a lot so she can be around me and my two little sisters. She and my dad are divorced. I only get to see my dad a few days a month, so mom feels guilty when she isn't there for us."

Naomi is a lawyer[2] in California.[3] In her adult life, she met and married Dan, a weatherman.[4] In 1984,[5] Naomi gave birth to a daughter named Rachel. Two years later, she gave birth to another daughter named Jordan. A few years later, she gave birth to another daughter named Sara, who was her third and final child. By the mid-1990s, she had divorced Dan. Feeling guilty about leaving her daughters at home by themselves a lot, Naomi often brought her legal work home so that she could be around her children.[2]

In 1997,[6] Naomi brought her legal briefs home after work one day. Rachel went to her gymnastics class at the YMCA and arranged for Naomi to pick her up from the mall afterwards. As she worked, she was surprised to see Rachel enter the house and worried that she had walked home alone, although she relaxed when Rachel stated that she had gotten a ride with Melissa Chapman and her father. Naomi informed Rachel that Jordan and Sara were in the family room watching scary shows, and mused that Jordan would sleep with a night-light on while Sara would be sleeping in her bed. When Rachel asked what they were having for dinner, Naomi apologized, stating that she had court in the morning and asked if Rachel could order pizza or Chinese food on the phone instead. Rachel then laughed and told Naomi that her cooking wasn't all that great and that she was fine with pizza; Naomi merely responded by reminding Rachel to get vegetable toppings on the pizza as well. A few days later, Naomi picked up Rachel from her gymnastics class and drove her home.[2] Not too long after, Naomi won an award for "Best Lawyer of the Year" and brought Rachel to the ceremony.[7]

Andalite-Yeerk War[]

"This is outrageous. This is some kind of loony cult. Or a particularly weird and paranoid militia movement. If you don't let me contact the proper authorities, I'll—"
"What authorities, Mom? The police, the FBI, and the CIA have all been infiltrated by Yeerks. [...] This isn't something you can fix on paper. Okay? It's a war. We're not worrying about being sued. We're worried about being killed. Look, you're a lawyer. Maybe that's something back in your old life. But here it's useless and means nothing. But you can at least stay out of the way, follow orders, and try not to get us all killed."
―Naomi and Rachel[src]

After the Yeerks discovered that Animorphs were in fact humans and not Andalite bandits, the Animorphs had to evacuate their families. After moving Cassie's parents, Rachel's family was alerted. In contrast to Jordan and Sara, who are immediately excited by the Animorphs and especially Ax, Naomi is skeptical of the Yeerk threat to Earth. Rachel begins to morph into a grizzly bear to prove their story; Naomi tries to rescue her children by lunging at Rachel with a spice rack, much to her daughter's amusement. Rachel, with Ax, Jake, and Tobias' help, ultimately manages to move Naomi and the girls.[8]

Naomi finds herself uncomfortable with the Hork-Bajir colony, attempting several times to restore what she sees as human order to the small, hunted community. She is tasked with educating the Hork-Bajir, which becomes a source of irritation to her. She tries to escape the Hork-Bajir valley numerous times. Naomi also tries to make a Hork-Bajir constitution, but it ends with bad results.

Out of all the parents, she is one of the most opposed to Jake as the leader of the human resistance. She disapproves of Jake and the other Animorphs fighting the war, and believes it should be handled by the authorities. Her arguments frustrate Jake and Rachel the most. Rachel eventually lashes out at her. They later reconcile.[1]

Naomi is still unaware of Jake's crucial decision to order Rachel to kill Tom by herself on Blade Ship; a decision which resulted in the deaths of both Tom and Rachel. When the Andalites brought Rachel's remains back to Earth, Cassie accompanied Naomi to identify her body. Later, during Rachel's funeral, Naomi tearfully allows Tobias to take Rachel's ashes with him.[3]


"Rachel's mother is quite quarrelsome. I am told that is because she is something called a "lawyer." A lawyer seems to be an odd type of human. Intelligent but in a way that is not terribly useful. At least to my Andalite sensibilities. All they seem to use their intellect for is argument. Not philosophical contemplation or artistic pursuit. I am told that although people often find themselves in need of a lawyer, lawyers are not very popular. After the last few days, I understand why."

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  • Naomi is the only Animorphs' parent to have the same first name in both the book series and the television series. This was because her name was revealed in the series very early on, allowing the television series to use the same name.



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