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"Nanook? Who's Nanook?"
"Nanook's my friend. You don't know Nanook?"
"Uh, should we?"
Jake, Derek and Marco[src]

Nanook is a polar bear residing in the North Pole. He was acquired and morphed by Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie, Marco and Ax.


"You must've seen him. He's been around here the last few days. I've been following him. I like to watch him work. He's a very great hunter."
"Maybe we have seen him. What does he look like?"
"Well, he's pretty big, with white fur."
―Derek and Marco[src]

The Animorphs first came across Nanook while being stranded in the North Pole. After witnessing Nanook hunt seals, the human Animorphs on the seal's leftovers in their wolf morphs. The Animorphs later discover that their new Inuit friend Derek has a mutual respect and friendship with Nanook, and they ask Derek to bring them to Nanook's territory. Rachel and Marco, in their grizzly bear and gorilla morphs, beat Nanook into submission while the other Animorphs acquire him, placing him into a trance. Rachel and Marco then demorph and acquire him as well, running away before the trance wore off, with Nanook soon lumbering away.[1]