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"Do not squirm or resist, it will accomplish nothing. Soon you will be injected with a concentrated liquid from the ablata weed. It will render you peaceful and compliant."
"And then what?"
"And then we will make an incision from the top of your skull, down to your buttocks, then down along the back of each leg. Your ribs will be removed, then your internal organs, and eventually the rest of your tissue."
"What are you doing this for?"<br"Your organs and tissue will be processed to extract the helical molecule that controls heredity and later employed to augment the development of –"
"There are easier way to get new DNA, you idiot!"
"Then, your skin and bones will be stuffed and preserved to be used in our educational facility."
―Naca, Jake and Marco[src]

Naca is one of Queen Soco's subordinates who served as the Animorphs' tour guide during their visit to the underwater Nartec city in The Mutation.


"Slowly, steadily, we were moving away from the dock, away from the center of town. Every move seemed natural. Too natural. Too casual. Every move too smooth. Too practiced. I had the sudden conviction that Naca had done this before. Many times. I wondered how old he was. How could I tell with one of these creatures? Old enough to have been alive in World War II? Had he led the Japanese flyers on this same path?"