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Below is the transcript for My Name is Jake episodes part 1 and 2, the first and second episode of the Animorphs (TV series).


Part 1[]

(Jake walks down street)

Jake (VO): My name is Jake. Half an hour ago, I was just a regular kid, not anymore. It's amazing how quickly your whole life can change. (cut to Cyberia. Jake and Marco are playing a computer game)

Computer: Congratulations, Galactic Warrior, you are now in the Overlord Atmosphere with 230,000 points. Please enter your name.

(box comes up on screen saying "My Name Is" Jake types in "Jake")

Computer: Scanning enemy overlords. Scourge, Titanium...

Marco: (Looks up from petting Homer. Talks over computer) C'mon, gimme the controls. I'll get us to Magi!!!

Jake: (shoves him away) Are you dreaming? Forget it, Marco.

Marco: C'mon, ya' dare me?

Jake: (looks at Homer) What do you think, Homer?

Homer: (barks)

Marco: See?

Jake: (steps away from controls) Alright, you're on. Go.

(cut to Tobias playing same game. Two kids are watching him)

Computer: Congratulations, Wolf. You are now in the Magi Atmosphere with 3 million, six hundred sixty thousand points.

(back to Jake and Marco)

Jake: (reaches over MARCO and pushes one of the controls)

Marco: (looks back at him)

(Back to Tobias)

Computer: Alert. Alert. Please enter more coins. One minute playing time left to go.

Tobias: (reaches into pocket to grab coins, doesn't have any. Clicks a few keys and quits game)

Computer: Mission Failed.

Kid: Don't you wanna see what's next?

Tobias: Later. (gets up to leave, bumps into Rachel and Cassie just walking in)

Rachel: Oh, hi. (walks over to Jake and Marco) Hey, guys!

Jake: Where've you been?

Marco: One word: Sale. (he and Jake laugh)

Rachel: Excuse me, but I am captain of the gymnastics team. We had a meet. (looks at computer screen) So, what have you been doing, Galactic Warrior?

Marco: Shh! Shh!

Computer: (starts saying unintelligable gibberish)

Homer: (starts barking)

Rachel: (laughs)

Marco: Hey! What's going on? Not fair!

Jake: (laughing) You just got blown away!

Homer: (turns and leaves)

Jake: Homer! No! ~runs after him, calling his name~

Marco: Jake! We already paid for another twenty minutes! (Rachel and Cassie follow Jake. Marco starts to go back to computer game, but then follows everyone else.)

(outside, Homer is running down darkening street)

Jake: C'mon Homer! Let's go!

Marco: Looks like those obedience classes are paying off!

Cassie: What's up with him, anyways?

Jake: I don't know! We gotta get him back.

(Cut to Tobias walking alone near an abandoned plant.)

(Back to the chase scene)

Jake: Homer! Where're you goin'?

Cassie: Homer!

(back to Tobias, walking near an abandoned plant)

(Back to the chase scene.)

Jake: Homer, come here! Homer! Homer, stop! This isn't funny!

Homer: (reaches the chain link fence around the abandoned plant, starts to bark)

(cut to Tobias pushing through a hole in the fence)

(Homer digs under the fence and runs into the plant)

Rachel: What's he want in there? Homer?

(everyone reaches fence just as Homer digs all the way under and runs off)

Marco: (everyone is running along the fence, trying to find a way through) This place is freaking me out.

Cassie: Hey, guys, it's getting late.

(Jake reaches a chained gate. He can open it just enough that if they bend over, they can get in)

(later, everyone's in the fence, looking for Homer)

Cassie: We've looked everywhere, he's not here!

Jake: We've got to find him. C'mon, Homer. C'mere.

Rachel: Homer!

Cassie: Homer!

Jake: Over here, Homer. D'you see 'im?

Marco: No, Man. Homer! Yo, Homer!

Cassie: Hey! He's over here! (everyone runs over to her)

Tobias: (looking up at sky, Homer is next to him)

Cassie: He seems okay now.

Jake: (to Tobias) Hey, thanks.

Tobias: (doesn't look away from sky) Sure.

Jake: Come here, Homer. (Homer comes) Good boy, good boy.

Rachel: (walks over to Tobias) You're new around here, right?

Tobias: (points up to sky) Look!

Rachel: (turns around to look, as does everybody else. What looks like car headlights is coming straight for them. As it comes closer, it's clearly a space ship) Whoa...

Jake: Look at that!

Rachel: Weird...

Jake: C'mon (starts jogging away to where the ship is going to land, everyone follows.)

Jake: (when the ship is just about to crash, he starts to walk closer) C'mon, let's go.

Marco: (grabs him) Whoa, I don't think so, dude.

Cassie: What if it's hurt?

Rachel: She's right. I'm in. (brushes past Marco)

Marco: Huh? (Jake, Cassie, Tobias and Homer follow her) You're insane. (runs after them) Man, wait up!

(they run untill they come to an open area where the ship has crashed. As they watch, a door opens on the ship, and we see an Andalite's silhouette against the bright light from inside the ship. He walks down a ramp towards them) Jake: There's somethin' comin' out.

Marco: Uh-huh, this is the part where we hide, amigo! (Turns to run behind some barrels, everyone follows)

Rachel: What is it?

Marco: I--I don't know. But it's definetly not from my hood.

Elfangor: (falls)

Cassie: (stands up to help him, Tobias and Jake grab her and bring her back down) It looks like it's hurt!

Marco: Yeah? So?

Rachel: So, we have to help it!

Marco: What if it's, like, radioactive, or something?

Rachel: Oh please. (she and Cassie stand up and walk over to Elfangor. Tobias and Jake follow) Jake: (looks at Homer) Stay.

Marco: Oh, sure. The dog gets to stay. (gets up and joins everyone else)

Rachel: Maybe we should try talking to it.

Marco: Yeah, just let me get out my Alien/English dictionary.

Elfangor: < Do not be afraid. > (Rachel, Jake, Tobias, Cassie and Marco look around to see who's talking) < I mean you no harm. >

Jake: Who said that?

Marco: I heard it... but I didn't.

Tobias: I heard it, in my head.

Elfangor: < I'm speaking to you in thoughts. >

Cassie: (steps forward, followed by everyone) You're hurt. We can help you. Elfangor: < I am Elfangor of the Andalite world. > (Rachel and Cassie kneel down next to Elfangor) < I come... > (moans in pain)

Cassie: Jake, give me your shirt. He's wounded.

Elfangor: < There's nothing you can do to help me. >

Rachel: It's okay, Cassie knows alot about animals.

Marco: Way to insult the guy, Rach.

Elfangor: < The wound is fatal. I will die. But there will be others. >

Jake: Others?

Elfangor: < Unlike me. They have come to destroy you. There is no time for fear. You must help your world, but you must protect yourselves from the Yeerks. >

Marco: The whats?

Elfangor: (raises hand, reaching out to them) < The Yeerks. > (we see a computerized image of a human head with a two centimeter slug crawling into the ear) < They are...Yeerks are parasites. They must have a host to live in. On Earth, their hosts are humans. They enter your brain > (Yeerk makes it into ear, and we see it sitting in the middle of the brain) < and take over your thoughts and feelings. These hosts are called controllers. They can be anyone. Your family, your friends... > (back to outside of human head) < Earth is their next target. > (back to reality)

Marco: Wait a second. You're telling me some slimy alien slug can crawl into our brains and take over our minds?

Rachel: And control us?

Elfangor: < Yes, there is no time for questions. I must do what I can for you. I have no choice. I can give you a way to fight the Yeerks. > (holds up a blue cube) < Each one of you must touch one side of the cube. >

Marco: I'm not touchin' that.

Elfangor: If you don't, then everything you know will be destroyed. Your brothers, your sisters, your parents. >

Rachel: (looks ready to touch the cube)

Jake: Rachel, I don't know.

Rachel: You heard him, we have no choice.

Marco: Man, this is insane!

Escafil device

They touch the cube.

Jake: (leans forward and puts hand on top of the cube. It suddenly turns red. Rachel's next, followed by Cassie, and, reluctantly, Marco. The cube glows brighter when Cassie touches it, so it's almost white.)

Elfangor: < This gift is for you too, Tobias. >

Tobias: How do you know my name?

Elfangor: < Hurry! > (Tobias leans down and puts his hand on a side of the cube. The cube glows bright white.)

Marco: (turns back when Homer starts barking like crazy) Now what?

Jake: Something's wrong. (all suddenly pull back from the cube, as if they've been shocked)

Elfangor: < It is done. > (everyone is looking at their hands) < The power of change is in your flesh. >

Jake: Change? What kind of change?

Elfangor: < You need only to touch a creature to acquire it's DNA pattern, and change your form. >

Rachel: Change our form?

Cassie: You mean we can change into animals?

Elfangor: < Exactly. You can become any animal you touch and acquire. But remember, when you change, you must return to your human form within two Earth hours. >

Tobias: What happens after two hours?

Elfangor: < You will be trapped within that animal form forever. >

(ground suddenly starts shaking, and lound noises are heard, everyone looks around to see where it's coming from. Not too far away, the blade ship lands)

Tobias: What's going on?

Rachel: What's happening?

Elfangor: < Visser Three is here. >

Marco: What's a Visser Three?

Elfangor: < You must go. Go! > (Rachel and Cassie try to help him up) < Your lives are more important than mine, now go, GO! > (holds out a disk to Tobias) < Tobias! > (Tobias and Rachel turn back) < Guard this, Tobias, with your heart and your soul. > (tosses it towards Tobias, he tries to catch it, but misses)

Rachel: (grabs Tobias) Tobias, come on! Let's go!

Tobias: (trying to get away from Rachel) I have to get it!

(Rachel and Tobias join the others in hiding while the Blade Ship opens and Visser Three walks down a ramp towards Elfangor) Jake: It's another one.

Cassie: (shaking head) No... I think this one's different.

Marco: I'm guessin' that's Visser Three.

Visser Three: < Prince Elfangor! What an honor it is to be in the presence of a legend. > (laughs) You've managed to shred quite a few of our fighters. >

Elfangor: < Visser Three. >

Visser Three: < Yes, I have taken one of your Andalite bodies as my host. Your Andalite morphing technology has been so very useful to me. > (laughs again) Elfangor: < No matter how many bodies you steal, you will not win this war. We will fight you- >

Visser Three: < You and your Andalite army are fighting on too many fronts. Your forces are spread too thin. This world will soon be ours. >

Elfangor: < Why Earth? Why these people? >

Visser Three: < Because there are so many, and they are so weak. Our army will be a billion strong. And then I promise you one thing, Elfangor, I will return to your world, and personally see over the infestation of your entire family. > (starts morphing) < I hope that they resist so that I can hear their minds scream. > (lifts Elfangor when the morph is complete)

Elfangor: < You can take me--but there will be others! >

Visser Three: (eats Elfangor)

Rachel: (others look away) No!

(Controllers hear her, flashlights shine on them)

Jake: C'mon, we need to get out of here (he stands, others follow)

Controller: (shines flashlight where animorphs were a moment ago, shoves another controller forward) There. (another controller comes up to him) Tell Visser Three we have a problem. (yet another controller comes) Release the Hork-Bajir.

Jake: (leading the others away, turns around) Come on, Homer. Come on!

Cassie: (falls, leg is tangled in wires. She screams. Tobias and Rachel come back to help her)

Marco: (standing next to Jake, pointing) What is that?

Jake: Wanna hang around and find out?

Marco: (he and Jake are backing up, getting ready to run again) No, thanks!

Tobias: Cassie's stuck! (Marco comes and tries to help) Jake: (trying to lead Hork-Bajir away) Hey! Hey, over here!

Rachel: (gets up) Jake: Hey, stupid! Over here!

Rachel: Jake! No!

Jake: (starts running in opposite direction of others) C'mon! Let's go! (Hork-Bajir follows)

Cassie: (is freed, she and the others, except Jake, run)

(Controllers split up in all directions looking for them)

Jake: (is hit in the back by Hork-Bajir) Ah! (runs into a metal tube, blocked on one end, no way out.) Oh, great! (Hork-Bajir is roaring, looking for Jake. Homer then runs into the tube) Homer! Homer, Come on, in here, Homer! Come here boy, come on! It's you, boy, come on, come here.

Chapman: One of them is still here! Find him, or answer to Visser Three! Incompetence... (scratches leg with his steel toe cowboy boots)

Jake: I need your help, Homer. (lays hand on head, closes eyes, acquires Homer. Concentrates, starts to morph. While Jake is morphing, Homer lays down and whines. When he's finished, both Jake and Homer run out of the pipe)

Visser Three: (in Andalite body) Did you find them?

Chapman: No, sir. Just a couple of dogs!

Visser Three: Get those dogs, you fool! They might be Andalites!

(Cassie, Marco, and Rachel sitting at a lunch table at school the next day)

Cassie: Last night when I got home, I called Jake. He didn't answer.

Rachel: He's smart. He'll show up.

Tobias: (walks into cafeteria)

Rachel: (stands up, waves hand to get Tobias's attention) Hey, Tobias!

Tobias: (comes over, takes a seat next to Marco)

Marco: You know, something funny happened to me last night. Some blue dude, with four legs, put me and a couple of other idiots in charge of saving the world.

Rachel: Quiet, you want someone to hear you?

Cassie: What if that... thing... got him?

Jake: (slams a lunch tray on the table in front of the seat across from Cassie, she looks up, startled) It didn't. (sits down, motions for everyone to lean in) I did it. I mean, it works. I became Homer last night, that's how I got away.

Marco: No way. (Jake looks at him) You're serious?

Jake: So bizarre. I was trapped. I had no other choice. Then I remembered what the alien said, so I put my hand on Homer, and just started concentrating. All of a sudden, I started mutating. You know, I could hear my bones crunching and twisting.

Marco: Ew, man!

Jake: I watched my arms become paws. I became my dog.

Rachel: (amazed) You were Homer?

Jake: Actually, a copy. I mean, Homer was there, too.

Marco: Did it hurt?

Jake: No, not really. I mean, it's hard to explain. At first I didn't know what I was. And I could hear everything. And the smells...! You don't believe me, do you?

Marco: Oh, we do! (looks to Cassie) Don't we? (she nods) It's just...It's just too weird. You know, beyond too weird.

Rachel: Way beyond.

Jake: I swear, it's true. You know, I keep on thinking I'm gonna wake up and this is all gonna be a dream, but it's not. What we saw last night was real. It happened, right? (everyone nods) It happened.

Marco: (after a pause) So, now what? (Jake looks at him) Save the world? Can we eat first? (everyone laughs)

Rachel: No kidding. What do we do? Where do we start?

Marco: How about that blue dude? You know, the nice one.

Tobias: Elfangor.

Jake: Yeah, he tried to give you something.

Rachel: What was it?

Tobias: It looked like some kind of a disk, or something. It's gotta be important, he said to guard it with my heart and my soul.

Rachel: He knew your name. How come?

Tobias: (with a laugh) Like I know, he's probably telepathic or something.

Cassie: But that disk, it's gotta be able to help us somehow.

Jake: We have to get it back.

Marco: (raising voice slightly) Are you kidding me?!

Jake: Shh!

Marco: (lower voice) They've practically got us on the FBI's ten most wanted list. Didn't you hear the news?

Jake: Yeah, they're looking for some kids who set off fireworks.

Rachel: Fireworks? Now that's a laugh.

Cassie: They're lying. Maybe they have Yeerks in their heads.

Marco: That means the Yeerks could be anywhere.

(Two kids slam into the table right in front of Jake) Rachel: If they saw our faces, they would have caught us by now.

Jake: We can't talk here. But anyone could be one of them.

Cassie: A controller.

Marco: (looks at a kid drinking juice)

Cassie: (looks at a girl doing her makeup)

Jake: (looks at a girl laughing)

Chapman: (walks by a teacher reading a book) Is anyone going to rein in this chaos, or do I have to do it myself?

Teacher: I'm sorry, Mr. Chapman. (gets up and leaves)

Chapman: Incompetance.

Jake: (turns around in chair, watches Chapman as he scratches his leg with his cowboy boots. Slowly turns back to table, flashes back to the night before when he saw Chapman do the same thing, not knowing it was him) Guys, come here. Come here! (everyone leans in) From now on, we just talk to each other. Trust no one. (let's that sink in) Principal Chapman is a controller. (everyone looks shocked and/or confused)

Jake (VO): Five of us against an army of alien slugs. And anyone could be one of them.

Part 2[]

(Show opens with scenes from My Name is Jake part 1.)

(Cut to a montage of characters from the show. Cut to Jake walking down the street.)

Jake (VO): My name is Jake. That's all I can tell you. I can't tell you my last name or where I live because the controllers are everywhere.

Jake: (to a guy washing his car) How you doing? (to a woman with a baby stroller) Nice day.

Jake (VO): They could be anyone. They could be you.

(A police car with siren on passes by. Jake follows. He ends up on a block that has been blocked off by police. A truck marked Hazardous Material is allowed in.)

(Cut to the Factory from the last episode. Jake has snuck in and is watching controllers at work.)

Man: Work faster! There can be no sign that the Andalite was ever here. Come on.

(Cut to Chapman talking to a construction worker.)

Chapman: What's taking so long?

Man: Well, we didn't expect this much debris. There's... just, well there's a thousand pieces.

Chapman: I told you I wanted this cleaned up by now.

Man: Look, we only need a couple more hours.

(Jake has seen and heard enough and sneaks out of the factory compounds.)

(Cut to a llama. Cuts to several more animals. Cuts to a horse. Cuts to Tobias staring at the horse. We are at Cassie's. We see Aisha, Cassie's mom, walking down the path towards Tobias with a hawk on her arm.)

Aisha: Hello... are you looking for Cassie?

Tobias: Uh. Yeah.

Aisha: She's around here somewhere. I'm Cassie's mom. I haven't seen you before.

(In the background Rachel and Marco are arriving.)

Rachel: That's Tobias. He just moved here.

Aisha: Ah.

Rachel: Hi, Aisha.

Aisha: Hi. Hi, Marco.

Tobias: It must be cool, living on a preserve.

Aisha: Well, life is certainly never dull.

(Aisha and the others walk towards a barn. They enter it.)

Aisha: (to the hawk) Here you go, home sweet home. (Hawk sits on a perch) (Cuts to various animals around the barn, and back to the hawk.)

Tobias: Wow, he's beautiful.

Aisha: Yeah. His mother was shot by a poacher. We hatched him and raised him.

Marco: I'll bet he misses her.

Tobias: He probably never even knew her.

Aisha: That's right.

(Jake enters.)

Jake: Hi.

Aisha: Hi Jake.

Jake: Is Cassie around?

Aisha: You know, she's probably up at the house. I'll send her down.

Jake: (whispering) Come here.

(Jake, Marco, and Rachel go further into the barn. Tobias seems fascinated by the hawk.)

Jake: I just went by the...

Aisha: (popping back into the barn) You guys be careful. Those animals are wild. I don't want to have to sew any fingers back on.

Jake: (after Aisha has left) I just went by the plant. It's crawling with controllers, and there were cops.

Rachel: But if there were cops?

Marco: Duh.

Rachel: The cops are controllers too.

Jake: At least some of them.

Marco: What if they saw you?

Jake: They didn't.

(Cut to Tobias fascinated by the hawk. He's petting it and suddenly pulls back.)

Rachel: If the police are controllers, what else: teachers, government, newspapers, TV?

Marco: TV? Not TV! (They laugh nervously. Jake looks over to Tobias who is still preoccupied with the hawk.)

Jake: Tobias.

Tobias: What?

Jake: That disk that Elfangor tried to give you. Do you have any idea where you might have dropped it?

Tobias: I didn't drop it! I never even touched it.

Jake: We got to find it.

Rachel: With all those controllers, we can't exactly sneak back into the plant.

Jake: No, but we could go back as animals.

Marco: Shouldn't we wait for Cassie?

Jake: Yeah, what's taking her so long anyways? I think we all need to be here for this.

Rachel: Yeah. She better not flake.

(A horse in a stall behind Rachel steps out and nudges her.)

Rachel: Hey!

Cassie: (in horse morph) < Who you calling a flake? >

Rachel: Cassie?

Cassie: < Yeah it's me. >

Rachel: It's amazing.

Marco: Man!

Rachel: Really? (Laughs)

(The guys stare at Rachel as if she has lost her marbles. Apparently only Rachel can hear Cassie.)

Marco: Yo, she's lost it.

Cassie: < No she hasn't. When I want you to hear me, I can direct the thought speak to you. >

(Everyone has heard Cassie now. She begins to demorph.)

Marco: Oh Cass, that's disgusting.

Rachel: Eew.. gross..

Marco: Oh man!

(Cut to Cassie demorphing. Most of her is human now, only her head is still that of a horse.)

Marco: Oh Cassie.

Tobias: That is gross.

(Cassie finally emerges from the morph.)

Marco: I'm going to throw up.

Cassie: It's getting smoother.

Rachel: That's smoother? That was harsh.

Jake: We'll have to get used to that.

Cassie: You guys, it was so awesome. I mean I was a horse. I was powerful and fast.

Tobias: Wow.

Marco: Weren't you scared?

Jake: I sure was.

Cassie: So was I at first, but.. I started to run and I forgot all about being scared.

Jake: Okay.. who's next?

Rachel: I'll go.

Marco: Surprise, surprise.

Rachel: Hey, kitty.

(Cut to a cat that has jumped into the scene.)

Cassie: Touch it.

(Rachel starts to pet the cat.)

Rachel: Whoa.. what's that?

Cassie: That's it. Now you've acquired the cat's DNA. Now concentrate. Think about it. Think about being a cat... and you'll morph.

(Rachel sits on the beam where the cat is and starts to morph.)

Rachel: Oh.. is it happening? I feel weird. Yes... yes...

(Rachel has become a cat.)

Jake: Rachel? Rachel?

Tobias: She's ignoring you.

Cassie: Of course, she's a cat.

Jake: Rachel, are you okay?

Rachel: < Hmm... don't bother me. I feel very, very cool... >

Cassie: Way to go Rach.

Jake: Alright Marco, it's your turn. Come on man..

Marco: Look, I say we forget it. We don't mention it and we don't morph.

Jake: Marco.. I halfway agree with you but...

Marco: This isn't some dumb video game. We could get killed. You saw what happened to that Andalite. Don't you get it? This is for real. You don't even know what reality is. Nothing bad's ever happened to you. You have this perfect family like I used to have.

Jake: Marco, I know.

Marco: Well, go on, say it. You can say it. My mom's dead and that's reality. You can all think whatever you want; if something bad was to happen to me, my dad would lose it.

Cassie: No one's asking you to risk your life right now. I mean, learning to morph might be the one thing that can save your life.

Jake: That's right. I mean the Yeerks are a reality for us now. Your dad might freak if you weren't around. I think he'd freak out even more if you had a Yeerk in your brain.

Rachel: < Come on Marco. It's okay. Really. >

Marco: Alright. All right. But I get to choose which animal.

Cassie: Okay, as you can see we've got a wide selection from the animal kingdom. We have our medium sized animals (cuts to some goats and then a pig), and we have our cuter ones. (Cuts to a llama).

Marco: Why don't we start off small, and work our way up? (Marco looks around and sees a rat in a cage behind him.) Maybe one of these. I always wanted a rat. Just never thought I'd be one.

Cassie: (walks over and takes the rat out of it's cage) Marco meet Bitsy, Bitsy meet Marco. You know the drill right? (Hands rat over to Marco)

Jake: Touch it and think about the rat.

(Marco touches the rat and looks up at Cassie.)

Cassie: It's acquired. (Takes rat from Marco) Now concentrate.

(Everyone watches Marco as he morphs. His face is turning rat-like when he yelps and stops.)

Marco: Ah! Make it stop! What? Am I a rat?

Tobias: (laughing) I'd say you were a rat man.

Marco: (Demorphs) I can't do it.

Jake: I dare you.

Marco: Give me the stupid rat.

Cassie: You don't need to. It's already acquired. Remember, touch, acquire, concentrate and change.

Marco: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

(Marco morphs into a rat. Suddenly Rachel in cat morph goes after Marco.)

Jake:' Rachel, no!

Marco: < Rachel, it's me! >

Cassie: Control, Rachel. Control the animal mind.

Jake: Control. You can't eat Marco.

(Rachel pays them no attention and goes after Marco.)

Cassie: You guys, you have to control the animal brain.

Rachel: (jumps up on a stool) Whoa.. okay.. I think I'm in control now.

Marco: (still running into the cage) < Run, run, run, run. >

Jake: (looking into the cage) Marco, are you in control?

Cassie: Rachel, Marco, change back now.

Rachel: Okay, I'm coming back. (demorphs) Whew.. that was wild.

Marco: Ow! Ow! Oh man.. (apparently Marco demorphed in the cage and broke it and emerged with a running wheel on his head.) I feel like I ate a couple pounds of coffee.

Rachel: It was like having two minds: one animal and one human. And they're fighting each other.

Cassie: The human mind is stronger. We just have to learn how to focus.

Jake: It's not easy.

Rachel: No kidding. (To Marco) I just wanted to sink my teeth into your soft furry rat neck.

Marco: That's what all the girls say.

Cassie: We got to be careful though, guys.

Rachel: That's right. Elfangor said no more than two hours.

Jake: We have to remember why we're doing this. It's to help us fight the Yeerks.

Marco: Thanks for reminding me perrito.

Jake: You're welcome, rat man. Alright, we've all done it.

Rachel: Hold on, Tobias hasn't.

Jake: I forgot about Tobias. Sorry Tobias.

(All of them turn to where Tobias was but he's not there any more.)

Jake: Tobias? Tobias. Tobias!

(They exit the barn to look for him.0

Jake: Hey, Tobias!

Marco: This is totally uncool. What if he freaks and turns us all in.

Rachel: He wouldn't do that.

Marco: How do you know? We just met the guy last night. For all we know he could be working for the Yeerks right now.

Jake: If he was, he would have turned us in already.

(Cut to Tobias hiding behind a tree. Cut back to the others.)

Marco: Where could he have gone?

Cassie: Does anyone know where he lives?

Rachel: He said he didn't have parents.

Cassie: He's kind of a strange guy, that's for sure.

Marco: What if he went back for the disk without us?

Rachel: (to Jake) So... what should we do?

Marco: Yeah, what should we do, oh great leader?

Jake: Since when am I the leader?

Cassie: You just are.

Jake: Well I guess.'. uh.'. I guess we'll have to get Elfangor's disk back first.

(Jake and other others leave. Cuts to Tobias, who is still behind the tree. He also leaves.)

(The transcriber had a bad copy of the episode and is missing a short part here)

(Cuts to Rachel at her home at night. She is talking to her younger sister Sara. She has apparently given her sister a necklace.)

Sara: I want it, but you said if I ever touched it again, you'd kill me. How come you're giving it to me?

Rachel: I don't know. I guess it's because you're my little sister.

(Rachel put on a coat and starts to leave.)

Sara: Where are you going?

(Rachel walks back into the room and gives her a hug, and starts to leave again.)

Sara: Rachel?

Rachel: Yeah.

Sara: (looking at the necklace) What's wrong with it?

(Rachel laughs and leaves. Sara puts on the necklace.)

(Cuts to Marco's home. He's getting food from the microwave.)

Marco: Come on dad. Try it.

Jeremy: Oh thanks, buddy, but you know what? I'm really not that hungry.

Marco: Come on dad, don't you want to grow up to be big and strong? Jeremy: Okay... well look at this. I didn't know you knew how to cook.

Marco: Man, I can cook.

(Jeremy takes a bite of the spaghetti and mmm's and nods. There's a knock on the door.)

Marco: I'll be right back.

(Marco goes and answers the door. It's Jake.)

Marco: What's up.

Jake: Let's go. We're suppose to meet up in five minutes.

Marco: Yeah I know. Just let me grab my stuff.

(Jake starts to enter the house but Marco stops him.)

Marco: You know what? Wait here. I'll be right there.

Jake: (to Marco's dad) Hey, Jeremy. (He leave the house and waits) Marco: I'll be back, dad.

Jeremy: Where are you going?

Marco: Me and the guys are doing kind of a scavenger hunt. (Shows the stuff he's carrying. A bag and a radio)

Jeremy: That's too bad. They're going to be showing the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Hey, I'll tape it for you if you show me how to program this VCR. Marco: Hello? You're an engineer. You can't program a VCR?

(Jeremy shrugs.)

Marco: You're so... (laughs) I'll be back pops. (Marco stops to check his hair in a mirror)

Jeremy: Don't worry about it. You're beautiful.

Marco: Hmm... (Opens the door and sees Jake) Hey. (They leave)

(Cut to the construction site. Controllers are digging around. Rachel and Cassie are already there.)

Man: All right, let's get some of it down here.

Man #2: Yes sir.

(A car pulls up and Chapman gets out.)

Chapman: Excuse me, but am I the only one here who can see this Hork-Bajir footprint? Will somebody fill it in before it makes the front page?

Man: Alright guys. Let's get to it.

(The Hork-Bajir footprint is filled up.)

(Cut to Marco and Jake sneaking into the area where Rachel and Cassie are.)

Jake: Any sign of Tobias?

Rachel: Nothing.

Jake: Rachel, see if you can find that disk.

Rachel: Okay. (She proceeds to morph into the cat).

Marco: It's not the sight, so much as the sound that gets me.

(Rachel has fully morphed the cat.)

Cassie: Wait, you look too good to be a stray. (Grabs a handful of dirt and rubs it into the fur)

Marco: Wait. (Spits into hand and rubs it into the fur.)

Rachel: < Watch it Marco. >

Marco: Better.

Rachel: < Guys, leave me alone. >

Marco: I'm just trying to help.

Rachel: < Yeah, right. >

(Rachel in cat morph runs towards the site. We see a cat-eye view of what's going on.)

Chapman: Let's speed it up. Visser Three wants this yard cleaned up tonight.

(Rachel finds what she's looking for and runs back to where they were hiding.)

Jake: She's okay.

Rachel: < I found it. Chapman's practically standing on it. We've got to move fast. >

Jake: Okay, I'll help Cassie with the paint. Marco, you ready?

Marco: Yeah.

Jake: When I give the signal, go.

(They split up.)

Rachel: < Good luck, guys. >

(Cut to Chapman and the controllers.)

Chapman: I want everyone to look close to the ground. Search the entire area.

(Cut to Marco with the boom box. He turns it on. It makes the sound of a sonic boom.)

(Cut to Chapman and controllers.)

Chapman: What is it? What's that?

(Cut to Marco who's lighting up flares.)

Marco: Over here! Help! They're landing. Over here! Help! Help!

(Marco drops the flares and grabs the boombox and runs. By the time Chapman gets there, there's no one.)

Man: I don't see a thing.

(Suddenly Chapman sees blue horse-like legs moving behind a truck.)

Chapman: Andalites!

(They chase after it.)

Chapman: Follow them.

(Cut to Rachel, still in cat morph and Jake, now in dog morph. They are going after the disk.)

Rachel: Hurry, hurry, come on!

Jake: < I hope this thing's worth it. > (He starts digging up the disk.)

Rachel: < Dig Jake, dig. >

(Cut to Chapman.)

Chapman: I have to tell Visser Three. (Leaves)

(Cut to Rachel and Jake still digging.)

Rachel: Hurry Jake. They're here.

(Chapman runs in and sees them.)

Chapman: Andalite!

Rachel: < Go Jake, go, go! >

(Jake finally digs up the disk, snatches it between his jaws.)

Jake: < I got it. >

Rachel: < Hurry Jake! >

(Jake takes off toward a tube and Rachel follows.)

Rachel: < No, not that way! >

(They run into a tube only to become trapped. Chapman covers the exits.)

Jake: < We're trapped. >

Chapman: Over here! I've got two of them. I smell a promotion.

(All of the sudden, there's a screeching from the air. A hawk attacks Chapman. It knocks him over and the cover blocking the tube's exit falls down.)

Jake: <Let's go Rachel, run! >

(The hawk flies away and we cut to Rachel and Jake making their escape.)

Rachel: < That was too close. >

Jake: < Keep running until we get to the woods. The controllers are all over this place. >

(Cut to a horse... with it's legs painted blue. (The phony Andalite everyone was chasing). The view of the horse is cut out, but when we see it again, it's Cassie who has emerged from her morph. She continues walking and suddenly doubles back and hides.)

Man: Come on guys, it's gotta be over here.

(A group of controllers pass her, and she quickly sneaks away when they're gone. Cut to Rachel and Jake still running in the woods.)

Jake: < I think we lost them. >

(Jake and Rachel are temporarily hidden by a stack of logs. When we see them again they have demorphed.)

Marco: (running up) You got it? You got the disk?

(Jake shows him the disk.)

Marco: (to Cassie who is just joining them) We got it. We got the disk.

Cassie: Yes. The controllers are still back there waiting for the Andalites. It worked.

Marco: That was great, Cass.

(Suddenly a bird is heard screeching. They all look up. It's the hawk that saved Jake and Rachel.)

Rachel: Hey, look.

(The hawk lands on a log and begins to demorph. It's Tobias.)

Tobias: Hi.

Rachel: Tobias! You saved us.

Cassie: We didn't know what happened to you.

Jake: Thanks.

Tobias: And you'd do the same for me right?

(Jake nods.)

Marco: We thought you were a controller.

Rachel: Why did you disappear? Why didn't you tell us you acquired the hawk?

Tobias: I don't know.

Rachel: We were all scared.

Tobias: Yeah, but, I guess I was a bit scared that maybe I'd like it too much.

Cassie: I know what you mean.

Jake: Well thanks. We would have been dead meat without you.

Marco: Where's the disk?

(Jake pulls it out of his pocket.)

Marco: Oh whoa.

Cassie: Wow.

Tobias: Weird.

Rachel: You think it works in a computer?

Marco: Maybe it's a weapon.

Cassie: Maybe we could try it out on Jake's computer.

Rachel: We gotta make sure nobody see it.

Jake: Okay. I'll keep it overnight and we'll try it tomorrow. All right?

Cassie: Yeah, sure.

Rachel: Mmm... hmm...

Marco: Cool. Well I gotta go... believe it or not, I got an algebra test tomorrow.

Cassie: Yeah, I've got some homework as well.

Rachel: And I've got a meet tomorrow.

Marco: Hey do the cat on the balance beam and you'll be sure to get a 10.

(The others are walking, talking and laughing.)

Jake: (to himself) Cool.

Jake (VO): My name is Jake, but I guess that doesn't matter anymore.

Jake: (running after the others) Hey guys, wait up!

Jake (VO): Five normal kids against and army of ruthless alien slugs. Those Yeerks don't know what they're in for.