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"That Andalite-Controlling scum. I wish the Council of Thirteen would find out what kind of a mess he's making on this planet. Let them take that Andalite body from him and throw him back in some distant pool on the home world."
"Don't wish for that. Long before Visser Three loses power, he will surely have destroyed you for failing him."
Iniss 226 and Ms. Chapman's Yeerk[src]

Ms. Chapman's Yeerk was the Yeerk that controlled Ms. Chapman.


Life on Earth[]

"Visser Three. You... We had a deal. You know I never wanted to join you. My wife did. But I said no. But... but then my wife... no longer my wife by then, of course. My wife who was no longer my wife... my wife who was one of your creatures... threatened... threatened to give you my daughter."
Hedrick Chapman to Visser Three[src]

In 1995,[3] the Yeerk Empire began its secret invasion of Earth. By 1997,[4] this Yeerk was among many who were brought the planet,[1] arriving in a city in California where the Yeerk Empire was basing the planetary invasion from.[5] This Yeerk was given a voluntary host named Ms. Chapman, who had also spoken to her husband Hedrick Chapman about becoming a host, although Hedrick refused. When this Yeerk infested Ms. Chapman, she was informed that Visser Three wanted Hedrick infested. Ms. Chapman's Yeerk threatened Hedrick, telling him that she would have the Chapmans' daughter Melissa infested unless he became a host. Hedrick then struck a deal with Visser Three that he would become a voluntary host so long Melissa was spared. This Yeerk then lived the life of Ms. Chapman, serving as mother to Melissa and "wife" to Iniss 226, the Yeerk who was controlling Hedrick.[1]


One night, Ms. Chapman's Yeerk was at the Chapman Residence cutting vegetables for dinner while Iniss 226 went into the secret room in their basement to speak directly with Visser Three. When Iniss made his way back upstairs, Ms. Chapman's Yeerk quickly made her way to the door and inquired about the meeting. Iniss told her that the Visser wanted the Andalite bandits and had morphed into a Vanarx. Ms. Chapman's Yeerk revealed that she was aware that he had acquired a Vanarx but believed it was just a story meant to frighten underlings. Iniss 226 then added that Visser Three had used the morph to kill Iniss 174, which shocked Ms. Chapman's Yeerk since Iniss 174 was an "Iniss of the second century." Iniss 226 then expressed his contempt for Visser Three, referring to him as an Andalite-controlling scum and wished that the Council of Thirteen took his body away from him before dumping him back on the Yeerk homeworld. Howeer, Ms. Chapman's Yeerk reminded her "husband" that Visser Three would kill him for failing him long before the Council ever took such an action. Melissa then called out to her "parents", asking for help on her math homework, and Iniss snapped back that they were busy. Ms. Chapman's Yeerk then told Melissa that she wouldn't learn until she did the work herself, but that her "father" would help her later if she still had problems.[1]

Host Rebellion[]

"They fight fiercely for their children, these humans."
"And they will not stop fighting. I can't maintain my cover with this host waiting to attack at every opportunity. I have to be at the school every day. The host is beaten and exhausted for now, but in a few days he will strike again. He's not a fool. He knows he can't win... he knows each battle will leave him weaker and that eventually I will triumph."
"He doesn't have to win. All he has to do is wait until you are in a meeting with parents or members of the school board, then strike. They'll think you've lost your mind."
―Ms. Chapman's Yeerk and Iniss 226[src]

The next night, Ms. Chapman's Yeerk was at home when Iniss 226 called out to her from the basement. Arriving quickly, she was informed that Melissa's cat was actually an Andalite in morph. Iniss ordered her to bring the cat carrier, which Ms. Chapman's Yeerk complied with haste. As they emerged from the basement, Iniss asked her to retrieve Melissa so they could infest her; however, just then, Iniss fell to his knees and began to order Chapman to stop fighting.


Equal parts horrified and fascinated, the Yeerk uttered that Iniss was undergoing host rebellion before Ms. Chapman herself began trying to seize control of the body, succeeding in gaining control of one hand, which she used to slap "herself" before trying to choke them. Ms. Chapman's Yeerk was able to regain control momentarily, along with Iniss, although both were exhausted by the effort they expended to do so. Iniss disclosed that Chapman would try to fight for control again in a few days, to which Ms. Chapman's Yeerk pointed out that he would be seen as unwell if he lost control during a school meeting. The two "Chapmans" then agreed to not deliver Melissa to Visser Three.[1]

Attacked by the Animorphs[]

"So, why Style-a-riffic? What's the Yeerk connection?"
"First, it's the largest beauty salon in town. Second, Tobias learned that Mrs. Chapman is their best client — and co-owner."
Cassie and Rachel[src]

Around two years later, Ms. Chapman's Yeerk was at home when a group of animals broke into her home. Realizing that they were the Andalite bandits, Ms. Chapman's Yeerk pulled out a Dracon beam and shot at the rhinoceros barreling through the house before one of the other bandits, in grizzly bear morph, backhanded her, causing her to fly into a wall, the impact of which knocked her out.[6] By this time, Ms. Chapman's Yeerk, through Ms. Chapman, had become the co-owner of Style-a-riffic, the largest beauty salon in their town. Not too long after, she witnessed a subsequent attack at her beauty salon, which the Andalite bandits wrecked before departing.[2]




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