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"Ms. Chapman is trying to choke herself with her own hand. The Yeerk is trying to regain control. It's incredible!"
Rachel to Jake[src]

Ms. Chapman (also known as Mrs. Chapman) is the wife of Hedrick Chapman and the mother of Melissa Chapman.


Voluntary Host[]

"Visser Three. You... We had a deal. You know I never wanted to join you. My wife did. [...] I forgive her. She was weak. And you feed on weakness."
Hedrick Chapman to Visser Three[src]

In the 1980s, the woman who would become known as Ms. Chapman met and married Hedrick Chapman and took his surname.[1] In 1984,[3] Ms. Chapman gave birth to the couple's only child, a daughter they named Melissa. The family lived in a two-story house in the suburbs[1] in California.[4] In the mid-1990s, the Yeerk Empire began their secret invasion of Earth. Ms. Chapman discovered their existence and desired to be a voluntary host, even asking her husband Hedrick to join her, although he declined. Ms. Chapman was then infested by a Yeerk, which Hedrick came to forgive as he was aware his wife was weak-minded. However, since Visser Three wanted Hedrick Chapman to be infested, Ms. Chapman's Yeerk threatened to have Melissa infested if Hedrick did not agree; Hedrick then became a voluntary host as well.[1]


Ms. Chapman chokes herself

In 1997,[5] Ms. Chapman witnessed as Hedrick began to fight for control of his body; this was because Visser Three wished to have Melissa infested despite their deal. Although Ms. Chapman had been voluntary from the beginning, she too began to fight for control to save her daughter, and managed to gain control of one hand. She then used that hand to slap "herself" before she wrapped it around her throat and tried to choke herself. Her Yeerk eventually managed to regain control of the body and remarked how fierce Ms. Chapman had fought for her daughter. Iniss 226, the Yeerk who controlled Hedrick, later mused how Ms. Chapman had managed to seize complete control over a hand and wondered what hidden mental strength she might possess.[1]

Around two years later, Ms. Chapman was at home when the Animorphs attacked. The Yeerk controlling her body tried to shoot and kill them before an Animorph in a grizzly bear morph backhanded her, causing her to go flying into a wall, the impact of which knocked her out.[6] Around this time, Ms. Chapman had also become the legal owner of Style-a-riffic, the largest beauty salon in town which "she" often was also a client of.[2]

In 2000, the Animorphs successfully obtained a surrender from the Yeerk Empire, ending the Andalite-Human-Yeerk War.[4] While Ms. Chapman's fate was never stated, it is likely her Yeerk left her body, thus restoring Ms. Chapman's autonomy and independence.




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