Mr. King
Biographical information
Aliases Cook on HMS Beagle for Charles Darwin, Henry Ford's production chief, Louis Pasteur's lab assistant who suggested using heat to kill bacteria
Species Chee
Gender Male
Family Erek King ("son")
Affiliation Animorphs
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Android
Last appearance The Diversion
"Mr. King, Erek's "father," was sitting on the couch. He had a TV remote in one hand and a pretzel rod in the other. He looked like any other father on any other lazy day. Except that his human hologram was gone, so he was sitting there like some weird android parody of normalcy. And, of course, he was no more Erek's father than I was. He was just another nearly eternal android playing a role."

Mr. King is the Chee acting as the father of Erek King. Like all Chee, he is very long-lived, having been on Earth since the Egyptian era, and apparently acted as a doctor in the sixteenth century. Although the Animorphs tend to work with Erek as their Chee contact when exchanging information, Mr. King once helped Ax hack into an Andalite ship's computer to find out information about four other Andalites who had recently arrived on Earth.


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