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Arbron's Taxxons

Mountain Taxxons led by Arbron.

"Mountain Taxxons? Rebels? I was so surprised I temporarily forgot to be terrified. There were still Taxxons resisting the Yeerks? This would be huge news to my people. We'd assumed all the Taxxons had accepted Yeerk rule in exchange for promises of fresh, unusual meats."

Mountain Taxxons (later known as Arbron's Taxxons) is the name given to the Taxxon rebels who defied the Yeerk Empire.


The Taxxon Rebellion[]

"I suppose you're one of the rebels. One of those mountain Taxxons who refuse to join the Empire."
Sub-Visser Seven[src]

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Aiding the Animorphs[]

"We would fight with you. There are one thousand seven hundred and nine non-Controller Taxxons on the surface of this planet and aboard the Pool ship. And we Taxxons would fight with you."
Arbron to Jake[src]
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Arbron led a group of 1,709 uninfested Taxxons on Earth who were willing to help the Animorphs near the end of the war.

Rainforest Relocation[]

"Arbron's Taxxons — those that had survived the battle — had fulfilled another of Cassie's farseeing dreams: They had, as agreed, permanently morphed to anaconda and various other way-too-big snakes. They'd been relocated to the Brazilian rain forest, which was now protected by Brazilian law and hefty U.N. payments. If you were a guinea pig walking around the rain forest now you were toast, but the former Taxxons left people alone."