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Animorph decision book 18 inside cover mosquito

Ax in mosquito morph

"It seems a harmless insect when you see it. But I have done some research. Mosquitoes transmit bacteria, viruses, and parasites. They carry the diseases encephalitis, yellow fever, and malaria. Malaria alone kills two million humans each year. Mosquitoes are the greatest mass murderers on planet Earth."

Mosquitoes are small, midge-like flies that constitute the family Culicidae, known as the deadliest animal family in the world due to their ability to transmit extremely harmful infections and arboviruses.


"Just hand me your mosquito. It probably already bit you, so maybe it's not hungry anymore."
"We can't all morph the same mosquito. Only females suck blood. Males are useless."
Marco and Cassie[src]

Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie, Marco and Ax all acquire mosquitoes in The Decision, in an attempt to acquire a morph without being in their base forms.[1]


Animorphs decision book 18 ax mosquito image

Ax morphing into a mosquito

"Ax, is it possible to acquire DNA from blood alone?"
"Yes. It should be."
Cassie and Ax[src]

The mosquito morph was used in The Decision. After deciding to acquire and morph Hewlett Aldershot III, the second-in-command of the United States Secret Service, the Animorphs realize that they cannot acquire him in their true forms since Aldershot's hospital room is heavily guarded by human-Controllers. Cassie theorizes that they should be able to acquire his DNA in mosquito morph, since mosquitoes can suck blood. However, since only females suck blood and Cassie cannot tell the difference, all six Animorphs acquire the mosquitoes, on the chance that one of them ends up with a female morph. Their usage of the mosquito morph is what causes them to end up on an Andalite ship heading to Leera. After snapping back to Earth, Ax manages to awaken Aldershot from his coma while biting him in mosquito morph.[1] Ax later uses the mosquito morph to sneak into a Yeerk base in The Pretender.


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