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Book 19 morph

Cassie in her leotard.

"We need to coordinate these morphing outfits. I mean, Cassie's wearing green patterned leggings and a purple stretch top, and Jake's got on those awful bike shorts, and Rachel is stylish, as always, in her black tights. Put it all together and we look pretty scruffy."

A morphing outfit (also called a morphing suit) is a skintight outfit (usually a leotard for Cassie and Rachel, and bike shorts and tight t-shirts for Jake and Marco) the Animorphs must wear so that they would not be nude when they demorphed. It is the only type of clothing they can wear that will disappear along with their body into Z-space while they are morphing in another animal form. Since these outfits are not what a teenager would typically wear, the Animorphs will sometimes receive odd looks or comments on their choice of dress. Later in the series, the Animorphs learn how to morph some non-tight clothing.

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