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Book 19 morph

Cassie in her leotard.

"We need to coordinate these morphing outfits. I mean, Cassie's wearing green patterned leggings and a purple stretch top, and Jake's got on those awful bike shorts, and Rachel is stylish, as always, in her black tights. Put it all together and we look pretty scruffy."

A morphing outfit (also called a morphing suit) is a skintight outfit, usually a leotard for the girls and bike shorts and tight shirts for the boys, that the Animorphs wore to avoid nudity when they demorph.


"As my skin began to appear, so did my morphing outfit. Fortunately, after a few tries, we had all learned to morph some very minimal clothing. Usually nothing more than skintight workout clothes or leotards. Not enough to go walking around in, but enough to keep us all from dying of embarrassment when we morphed in front of each other."

After acquiring the power to morph, the Animorphs discovered that they were morphing out of their clothes and thus were nude when they demorphed. Cassie was the first one to figure out how to incorporate clothing into the morphing process, although it had to be skintight.[1] Due to the skintight nature of the clothes, the morphing process treated the skintight fabric as being part of the skin, and thus it would go to Z-space along with the morpher's mass and then would return over the skin when they demorphed.[2] Within a week, Cassie taught Jake, Rachel and Marco how to incorporate a morphing outfit into their morphs, with Jake and Marco using bike shorts[3] with tight shirts while Cassie and Rachel wore stretch tops with leggings or tights as well as leotards.[3][4]


  • Jake, Rachel and Marco had not yet learned how to morph clothing by the time they first attacked the Yeerk Pool, which was on the same day Rachel and Marco acquired their first morphs, and thus would've been nude when they demorphed. The graphic novel rectifies this by giving the Animorphs a day between acquiring their morphs and attacking the pool as well as adding a new scene where Rachel, Jake and Marco are confirmed to have learned how to morph clothing in the interim.