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"If a group of Hork-Bajir spend any prolonged time in those conditions, they could easily die."
"That's right, Mom. The Hork-Bajir could die. Every single one of us, human and Hork-Bajir and Andalite, could die. Any day. At any time. I still don't get your point."
"Cassie! How can you say that? We're talking about lives."
―Michelle and Cassie[src]

Michelle is Cassie's mother and the head veterinarian at The Gardens.


Career and Family Life[]

Michelle is a scientist who works at The Gardens as the head veterinarian[1] and the head of medical services at the park.[2] She married a man named Walter and lived with him on a farm[3] in California.[4] In 1984,[5] Michelle gave birth to their daughter, Cassie.[1] In the late 1990s, she met Jake, a friend of Cassie's from school whom Cassie had a crush on. In 1996,[6] Jake came over to their house for Thanksgiving, and Michelle grew fond of Jake.[2]

On a Monday night in 1997,[7] Michelle was preparing dinner at home when she began to worry since Cassie was not there. Checking the farm, she noted that the horses were still in their stables, exacerbating her worry. She then picked up the house phone when Jake called looking for Cassie and informed him that Cassie was not at home and that she had missed dinner. Jake then told her not to worry and that he would look for her, and Michelle replied that she believed Cassie was fine.[1]

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Andalite-Yeerk War[]

"Suddenly, unexpectedly, I was angry. Mad that my mother, a scientist, wouldn't — or couldn't — face the awful truth. That we were at war. That the rules had changed. That we had to do things we'd never choose to do under peacetime circumstances. That we didn't have that luxury. That every single minute of every single day we had to make sacrifices we'd rather not make. And I was angry that my mother was forcing me to confront her with this truth."

After the Yeerks discovered that Animorphs were in fact humans and not Andalite bandits, the Animorphs had to evacuate their families. Michelle and Walter were the first to be told about the war and relocated to the Hork-Bajir valley.[8] She and Walter were both extremely interested in studying Ax's and the Hork-Bajirs' physiology.


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  • In the TV series, Michelle is named Aisha.
  • She is also called "Aisha" in earlier promotional materials such as Cassie's ID card and the Animorphs Alliance fan club secret handbook.



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