Biographical information
Gender Male
Occupation First Officer of the Intrepid
Affiliation Intrepid
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Beginning
Last appearance The Beginning
"Menderash was a taciturn guy — as I guess you'd expect from an officer who'd lost his entire crew and chosen to permanently abandon his usual body. He was careful to be deferential to Jake, and I think he had real respect for our fearless leader. But when he taught navigation or piloting skills he was a whole different guy. He was like that psycho drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket."

Menderash-Postill-Fastill was an Andalite who served as the First Officer of the Andalite cruise ship The Intrepid, serving under Captain-Prince Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill. After Ax is kidnapped by the Blade ship, controlled by The One, Menderash travels to Earth to seek Jake, becoming a human nothlit in order to enter Kelbrid space, where Andalites are forbidden to enter, in order to rescue Ax.


"Menderash believes the thought-speak cry came from the Blade ship, which emerged from within the alien vessel and fled at top speed. The alien vessel followed the Blade ship and fired repeatedly at the Intrepid, which followed for a while. But their engines were damaged and they couldn't keep pace. The Blade ship and the alien vessel then entered Kelbrid space."
Prince Caysath-Winwall-Esgarrouth to Jake Berenson[src]

Menderash was the First Officer to Captain-Prince Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill on-board the Intrepid when it was attacked by The One in Kelbrid space. He was the only survivor of this attack. Suffering from extreme survivor's guilt, Menderash sought out Prince Aximili's old companion Jake. After telling the story to Jake, informing Jake to the existence of a Yeerk cruise ship they could steal and the insistence that the "Andalites" not enter Kelbrid space, Menderash morphed into human form and purposely became a nothlit.

Along with Jake, Marco, Tobias, Jeanne Gerard and Santorelli, he help steal the Yeerk ship, christened The Rachel, and sent off for Kelbrid space to search for Ax.[1]

Menderash's Morphs[]

Morph Book Acquired
Human The Beginning