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"She's small and thin, even though she doesn't starve herself like some fools who want to get into gymnastics. She has pale gray eyes and pale blonde hair and pale skin. She looks like one of those solemn elves in a Tolkien book. At first glance she looks delicate, but when you look a little closer, you see strength there, too."

Melissa Chapman is Rachel's former best friend and the daughter of Hedrick Chapman.


Early Life[]

"It used to be we were very close. She was my second best friend, after Cassie."

Melissa Chapman is the daughter of Hedrick Chapman and Ms. Chapman. She was raised in the suburbs[1] of California[3] and became a best friend of a girl named Rachel. Rachel and Melissa both joined a gymnastics class at a local YMCA as an activity they could do together.[1] In 1996,[4] when Melissa turned twelve, she had a birthday party at her house, where her father gifted her with a tomcat, which she named Fluffer McKitty.[1]


"What's wrong? Everything is wrong. And nothing is wrong. But just the same, everything is wrong."
"Melissa, what are you talking about? [...] Look, you can talk to me. I'm still your friend. Nothing has changed."
"Leave me alone. Everything has changed. Every
one has changed. You stopped being my friend. And my mom and dad..."
―Melissa Chapman and Rachel[src]

By 1997,[5] Melissa became depressed when she believed that her father and mother no longer loved her since they stopped being affectionate with her. Unbeknownst to Melissa, her parents were host bodies to the Yeerks; while they played the part of being Melissa's parents, they did not genuinely love her, which Melissa was able to pick up on. Since she believed them to be her parents, she wondered what she had done to make them stop loving her. Her saddened state affected her day-to-day life and she stopped hanging out with her friends, including Rachel.

One day after school, Melissa went to the local YMCA after school to attend her gymnastics class. While changing into her leotard in the locker room, she gave a curt greeting to Rachel before adjusting her leotard and beginning her stretches. Rachel then asked her if she would like to go the mall after class to shop for shoes, which Melissa declined. Melissa then tried to leave the room before Rachel grabbed her arm, asking her what was up with her. Melissa echoed the sentiment and looked sad for a while before extricating her arm from Rachel's grip and exiting the locker room. During class, Melissa noticed Rachel falling off the balance beam and hitting her knee, which made Rachel cry. Melissa then rushed to Rachel's side, but after noting that Rachel was not injured, she resumed her moody demeanor and moved to the other side of the room. After class, Melissa was picked up by her "father". While waiting at a red light, Melissa noticed a grown man running from Rachel. As it was raining, her "father" decided to give Rachel a ride home. In the car, Melissa asked Rachel if the man was bothering her, which Rachel declined. As they dropped Rachel off at her house, Rachel told Melissa that she wanted to hang out soon, which Melissa nonchalantly agreed to. When Rachel exited the car, Melissa noticed that Rachel's shoes had burst; she then asked her what had happened, to which Rachel demurely reminded Melissa that she had wanted to buy new shoes. The Chapmans then returned home.

On another day, Melissa was crying as she made her way to school. She was then approached by Rachel, who asked her what was wrong. Bewildered, Melissa asked Rachel why she cared. Rachel replied that she was her friend and that nothing had changed between them; Melissa retorted that everything and everyone had changed, adding that Rachel had stopped being friend and that her parents had changed. However, before she could elaborate, she was interrupted by the bell, at which point she ended the conversation and made her way inside the building.

A few nights later, Melissa was in her room, working on her math homework. After some time, she descended halfway down the stairs to ask her parents if they would help her with her homework, only for her "father" to reply that she was busy while her "mother" gave her a fake smile and told her that she wouldn't learn unless she did the work herself. Her "father" then added that he would check in on her before she went to bed, although Melissa was able to discern the hollow sentiments. She then ran up to her room, where she began to cry. She felt the presence of her cat jumping on her bed shortly after, and asked her cat what she had done to make her parents stop loving her. She scratched behind the ears of her cat while crying before eventually falling asleep.

Melissa GN2

The next night, Melissa was at home when she noticed her "father" leaving the house in a rush with the cat carrier, which had her cat inside. Melissa then began to follow him, asking where he was taking Fluffer. As he kept walking, Melissa began to cry and called out to him. She managed to catch up to him as he got to his car and inquired why he was taking her cat away. Just then, Melissa noticed Fluffer running up the lawn. Confused, Melissa tried to look inside the cat carrier, only for her "father" to block her view and claim that it was a different cat that had wandered into their home, whom he was now taking to the shelter. Melissa then asked him why he didn't just tell her that while she was chasing after him, to which he responded casually that he hadn't heard her. Stunned, Melissa stated that she had been crying as well, but her "father" merely brushed the remark aside before entering his car and driving off.

A few days later, Melissa attended her gymnastics class at the YMCA when she found an envelope in her locker. Opening it, she found an anonymous letter inside, which read that her father loved her more than she knew and more than he could ever show her. The note seemingly lifted Melissa's mood a little bit for the day.[1]

Student Life[]

Not too long after, Melissa was at the mall after school on a Tuesday where her gymnastics class was holding an exhibition.[6]



  • Melissa Chapman was written to be a throwaway character. However, K.A. Applegate commented that she was surprised about how many fans continuously asked about Melissa.


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