"We fell apart, glaring and panting at each other. I had gotten in a few good hits. But Mr. Kitty was fast. And Mr. Kitty had clawed my belly down to the skin, bitten me in the neck, wing, other wing, and left leg. All in approximately six seconds. I wasn't up for a second round. I did not want my obituary to say "died from injuries sustained while battling a fat house cat." That would be embarrassing."

Megadeth was David's large gray tabby cat, who nearly kills Marco in osprey morph in David's room, until Rachel, in bald eagle morph, crashes through the window to rescue Marco. When Marco mentions Megadeth's name and the name of David's pet cobra, Spawn, that prompts Cassie to remark that David has a bad taste in music but a good taste in comic books.

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