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Meet the Stars of Animorphs is a TV tie-in book to promote the Animorphs television series, based on the Animorphs book series. Meet the Stars of Animorphs was written by Randi Reisfeld and Marie Morreale.

Official Description[]

The best-selling book series is now a hit live-action TV show!! And now, you'll get the chance to find out about your favorite characters, their stories on and off the set, and even get the real deal on what it was like to train and work with the animals. Who accidentally stuck his fingers up a tiger's nose? Who fed a hawk a chicken leg? Who was completely "terrified" auditioning in front of a television camera? Who likes a certain type of "Turkey"? And whose funniest moment on the set involved another actor "flying" (sort of)?

Get the answers to these questions and more. But remember to be careful who you share the info with. You know who is still out there...


Meet the stars of the animorphs back cover

Back Cover

The book begins with an introduction to the theme and plot of the TV show, which is similar to the back story of the Animorphs book series. Jake, Rachel, Cassie, Marco and Tobias were once just normal kids who happened to come across an Andalite alien who gave them the power to morph into any animal they chose in order to fight the Yeerks, who were invading Earth. It took five amazing young actors to bring the roles of Jake, Rachel, Cassie, Tobias, and Marco to life: Shawn Ashmore, Brooke Nevin, Nadia Nascimento, Christopher Ralph, and Boris Cabrera.

Each chapter focuses on one actor, and gives biographical information as well as information about how they approach their role in the tv series.

  • Chapter One focuses on Christopher Ralph , who plays Tobias. The quote under his name is "Tobias is the Outsider of the group".
  • Chapter Two focuses on Brooke Nevin, who plays Rachel. The quote under her name is "I can do anything in the world, 'cause I'm Rachel!".
  • Chapter Three focuses on Shawn Ashmore, who plays Jake. The quote under his name is "Jake is the balance, the center- that's why he's the leader".
  • Chapter Four focuses on Nadia Nascimento, who plays Cassie. The quote under her name is "Cassie is very spiritual".
  • Chapter Five focuses on Boris Cabrera, who plays Marco. The quote under his name is "Marco hurts a lot inside".
  • Chapter Six focuses on the animal stars.
  • Chapter Seven focuses on Special Effects.
  • Chapter Eight gives you basic facts about each of the characters and each of the actors to see how the real-life actors compare to their characters. The book ends by telling you how to contact the stars of the animorphs, and has a glossary of Alien terms.

The book also includes a sixteen page insert of photos of the cast and some of the animal actors.

Gallery of Photos that appear in this book[]

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