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"The pure pleasure of sinking my teeth into three inches of hamburger and bun. The crunch of lettuce and onion. The grease and cheese and special sauce combining as I chewed. And the fries. Was there ever a more perfect food than a McDonald's french fry? Fresh from the fryer, while they're still steaming. [...] I bit into my Big Mac. And sighed. Well, actually I moaned. Out loud. Grease and cheese and special sauce dribbled down my chin."

The McDonald's Corporation, simply known as McDonald's and often referred to as Mickey D's, is an American fast food corporation. Several of their restaurant locations in California fell under the control of the Yeerk Empire, who installed several entrances into the underground Yeerk pool in these branches. Customers who asked for a "Happy Meal with extra happy" were granted access to the entrances.


"I climbed out of the car and made my way into McDonald's. [...] I got in the line closest to the bathrooms. When the girl behind the register asked for my order I told her I wanted a Happy Meal with extra happy. The girl gave a fake laugh, like she'd heard the joke a billion times. Which I knew she had. Asking for extra happy was the password to the Yeerk pool. I guess Yeerks have a sense of humor."

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