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Esplin 9466 in mardrut morph

"A mardrut is a beast that lives in the oceans of one of our own Andalite moons. To think of that filthy Yeerk scum on our own moon! Acquiring our animals!"
"Ax, look, what is a mardrut?"
"It is a very large creature that swims by shooting water out of three large chambers."
Ax and Cassie[src]

A mardrut is an aquatic creature that lives in the oceans of one of the moons of the Andalite homeworld. It was acquired by Esplin 9466 through Alloran-Semitur-Corrass' body.


"At just that moment I saw, far behind me, a huge, dark red, almost purple hump above the water. It seemed to be covered with hundreds of small fish tails, all beating frantically. [...] A huge purple-and-red mottled bag that undulated and oozed through the water. It was propelled by the three huge water sacs, firing one after another. Between those loud bursts, the hundreds of tiny tails that covered its entire surface thrashed and kept up momentum."

A mardrut is the size of a whale with dark red skin and hundreds of little thrashing 'fish tails' to keep up momentum. It moves by shooting water out of three massive water sacs attached to its underside. It resides in the oceans of one of the moons of the Andalite homeworld. Esplin 9466 visited one of these moons after gaining Alloran-Semitur-Corrass as a host and acquired the mardrut.

In 1997,[1] Esplin was in his Blade ship, which had located the Andalite Dome ship GalaxyTree on the sea floor in the Pacific Ocean. With sonar revealing that several aquatic creatures had fled from the Dome ship before they could destroy it, Esplin realized that the creatures were the Andalite bandits. He then morphed into the mardrut and was dropped out of the Blade ship and into the ocean. He then chased the Andalite bandits for over half an hour, gloating that they could not outrun them and that he would eat them. However, just as he caught up to them, he was attacked by a group of wild whales, who injured him enough that he was forced to retreat.[2]




  1. #1 is set in 1997, and #4 is set just weeks after.
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