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Marco, Tobias and Ax in mallard drake morph flying alongside mallard ducks in The Absolute.

"This is a useful morph. I'm not tired after quite a bit of time in the air."
"Exactly. Plus we're flying in formation, and it looks normal. None of that bird-of-prey stuff where we have to fly miles apart and pretend we don't know each other. No offense, Tobias. I like swooping and gliding and riding the thermals as much as the next raptor, but every bird can't be a fighter jet. Sometimes you need a steady, reliable 747."
Ax and Marco[src]

The mallard, also known as the mallard duck, is a waterfowl species native to Earth and is the ancestor of most domestic ducks. Despite being referred to as a duck, only the female is known as a duck or a hen, while the male of the species is referred to as a drake. Tobias, Marco and Ax morphed mallard drakes in The Absolute.


"He took to the sky and circled. Spilled air from his wings and dove. Swooped over the water and landed easily on a mallard's back. The duck squawked and splashed and tried to fly away. Tobias sank his talons into its feathers. The duck relaxed. It had fallen into an acquiring trance."

A male mallard, known as a mallard drake, was acquired by Tobias, Marco and Ax in The Absolute.


"The capitol was over two hundred miles away. The fastest way to get there was by air, and our normal bird-of-prey morphs wouldn't do the job. We needed distance flyers. Ducks."

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