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This unnamed mall was a shopping mall in California that was often frequented by the Animorphs and housed hidden entrances into the Yeerk Pool.


This mall, situated in California,[2] was the local mall in the Animorphs' hometown. In 1995,[3] the Yeerk Empire began their invasion of Earth.[4] By 1997,[5] the Yeerk Empire successfully constructed a Yeerk Pool underneath half of the city[6] and added a handful of secret entrances within the mall, such as a secret passageway behind the mirror of a dressing room at The Gap.[7]

One Friday night in 1997, five thirteen year olds[8]Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie and Marco – were at the mall. While Jake and Marco played video games at a store that sold games and comic books[6] Cassie accompanied Rachel as she went shopping.[9] The five teenagers, now known as the Animorphs, revisited the mall on Monday after school, sitting at the food court and discussing their plans as Jake ordered and ate nachos.[6] Due to the mall's concrete, buildings and cars, the parking lot gave off good thermals, which was useful for Tobias as well as the other Animorphs when they were in bird morphs.[10] Less than a month later, Rachel's gymnastics class was holding an exhibition at the mall, where a crowd gathered to watch the girls in leotards perform. Tobias, who had been trapped as a red-tailed hawk, tried to commit suicide by diving down and hitting the glass doors of the mall's entrance, although he survived as someone opened the door. Flying through the mall and taking stock of its many stores, Tobias shot past Rachel, who recognized him. He attempted to collide with a wall but flared his wings at the last second when Rachel called out to him. He then shot up towards the skylight in order to hit the glass and end his life; however, Marco, who was on the second floor of the mall near the gymnastics exhibition, threw a baseball at the skylight, shattering it and allowing Tobias to survive and escape.[11]


Known Stores[]

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  • In the 2011 Relaunch reprint, B. Dalton is replaced with Barnes & Noble. This is because the reprints attempted to modernize the setting and references, and B. Dalton had since gone out of business.


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