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Welcome to Seerowpedia, the Animorphs wiki, the #1 encyclopedia dedicated to K. A. Applegate's 1996 science fiction young adult book series Animorphs. The series centers on six child soldiers, who are granted the ability to morph into any living creature, and their attempt to fight a guerilla war to prevent the takeover of Earth by parasitic mind-controlling aliens.

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"Someday, somehow, in some way that I could not foresee, we would win this battle. Humans and Andalite together would defeat the Yeerks. And we would free all of their slaves. All of them."


  • Jake: Leader of the Animorphs.
  • Rachel: Jake's cousin who serves as the tank.
  • Tobias: Rachel's boyfriend; trapped as a red-tailed hawk, he serves as the reconnaissance and air support
  • Marco: Jake's best friend who serves as the tactician.
  • Cassie: Rachel's best friend; the Animorphs' resident environmentalist.
  • Ax: An Andalite who joined the team; serves as computer expert.
  • Visser Three: Power-mad, villainous Yeerk; leader of the Earth invasion.
  • Erek King: Pacifistic android and the Animorphs' inside man.


  • Animorphs - Earth's last hope: a group of teenagers with the power to morph.
  • Yeerks - The race of alien parasites invading Earth.
  • Andalites - The one great force opposing the Yeerks.
  • Chee - Pacifistic dog-like androids who are allies to the Animorphs.
  • Ellimist - A god-like being who occasionally helps the Animorphs - but has his own inscrutable agenda.
  • Crayak - An evil god-like being who opposes the Ellimist.
  • Yeerk Peace Movement — a group of controllers who believe in voluntary cooperation between Yeerks and Humans rather than slavery.

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The Yeerks are a parasitic alien species. In their natural state, they resemble large slugs, and live in lakes of sludge known as Yeerk Pools. The Yeerks have the ability to enter another being's body and take over all brain functions, including basic motor and speech control, essentially "becoming" that person. The Yeerks run their civilization as an Empire, ruled by a Council of Thirteen. The Yeerks were discovered by an Andalite named Seerow, who gave them the means to leave their planet; the Yeerks took advantage of his kindness, and used the Andalite technology to invade and conquer other species, for the sole purpose of expansion.


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