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"Right about that point, the real Magilla tore out of there. He ran back to his cage, got in, and — I swear this is true — closed the door."

Magilla is a gray squirrel who was once a patient at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic and was acquired by Cassie.


"Relax, Magilla. This won't hurt at all."
Cassie to Magilla[src]

In 1997,[2] Magilla was a patient at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic. One night, he was taken out of his cage by Cassie, who held him in her hands and fed him chestnuts as she acquired his DNA. When Cassie began to morph into him, Magilla ran back inside his cage and closed the door behind him.[1]


  • Due to Magilla being a gray squirrel and living in California, he is most likely a California gray squirrel, also known as a Western gray squirrel. While Eastern gray squirrels have been introduced to the West Coast, they are considered an invasive species, although the Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic may still treat them.



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