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"This human has suffered what the humans consider to be the most horrific torture and deprivation in their history. An experience in his youth that even a Taxxon would find cruel. He is not from this country, originally. Nevertheless, he has risen to a position of power and influence among humans. I believe he has weaknesses, but is not weak, Sub-Visser."
Essam 293 to Edriss 562[src]

Lowenstein was a Holocaust survivor who migrated to the United States and became a Hollywood television producer. In 1991, he was infested by Essam 293, becoming his first human host and the fourth human to ever be infested by a Yeerk. While controlling Lowenstein, Essam learned about the human culture. However, Essam soon chose to infest Hildy Gervais instead. As a result, Lowenstein was killed when Essam and Edriss 562 vaporized him, although not before emptying his bank accounts and transferring the funds to their new hosts.


Infested by Essam 293

"Essam and I had made hosts of Lowenstein and Jenny Lines. They were useful. Useful for learning more about the humans. Lowenstein was a television producer. He created entertainments. Jenny Lines had been a casual acquaintance. Now that both were hosts, we naturally kept them close in contact. Jenny Lines showed me the lower elements of human society. The drug dealers, the petty criminals, the weak and feckless creatures like herself. But I tired of that. What I needed was to understand humans. To be able to assess their weaknesses on a larger scale. I needed to know for certain: Were humans Class Five or Class Four? Could we take them?"
Edriss 562[src]

After departing from the Middle East, Edriss 562 decided to make her way to the United States of America, electing to go to Hollywood. Shortly after landing, she and Essam 293, in their Hork-Bajir bodies, entered the backyard pool of television producer Lowenstein, where they encountered Jenny Lines. Edriss and Essam decided to take the hosts for themselves, with Edriss infesting Jenny and Essam choosing Lowenstein. The pair then vaporized their two Hork-Bajir hosts with their Dracon beams. Now possessing a human host, Essam learned much about human culture. Living at Lowenstein's house, the pair held parties as part of their host's cover. During one of these parties, Edriss met consultant Allison Kim, swimming in the pool. Edriss, in Jenny's body, dragged Allison to the bottom of the pool, infesting Allison and ordering Jenny to breathe as her final command, killing Jenny.[1]


"Allison Kim could never have afforded this place, of course, but Essam and I had emptied Lowenstein’s bank accounts before vaporizing him. And why not live well? That was part of my bet with Allison."
Edriss 562[src]

Essam 293 soon encountered Hildy Gervais and decided to take him on a host. Edriss 562 and Essam used their Dracon beams to vaporize Lowenstein, although not before emptying his bank accounts and transferring the funds to their new host bodies.[1]


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