Biographical information
Species Chee
Gender Female
Born Created thousands of years ago
Occupation Unemployed
Movie Actress (formerly)
Affiliation Pemalite
Behind the scenes
First appearance The Exposed
Last appearance The Diversion
"Her human name is Lourdes."
"She's been living the low-life. She's a homeless street person."
"A what? Why?"
"We need access to all levels of society to track Yeerk activity. And don't feel too bad. You have to remember that we Chee live many lives. In her previous human guise, Lourdes was a movie actress. Very successful."
Mr. King, Erek King and Cassie[src]

Lourdes is a pacifistic android called a Chee posing as a homeless woman.


Lourdes is a Chee, a friend of Erek King, and an ally to the Animorphs. According to Erek, Lourdes was a glamorous movie star in her previous life. During this "lifetime", Lourdes poses as a homeless woman. She was rescued by the Animorphs when the Drode interfered with their programming, causing their holograms to shut down. Later she aids Cassie in her return from Australia [1] and evacuates Rachel's family to the Hork-Bajir valley.[2]



  1. The Unexpected
  2. The Diversion
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