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"I had carefully picked a human host for just this one purpose. His name was Lawrence Alter. A real estate salesman. I changed his name to Lore David Altman. Three name combinations were popular then. He was a charismatic man with a loud, deep voice and an abundance of hair. Just the sort of face that humans respond to, though his brain was a wasteland compared to Allison's."
Edriss 562[src]

Lore David Altman (born Lawrence Alter) was a real estate salesman who was infested by Edriss 562, becoming her fourth human host. Edriss alternated between controlling Allison Kim and Lore David Altman, using the former for her personal life and the latter to create The Sharing, a cult-like group to convince lost humans to willingly sacrifice their free will and humanity. In order to preserve the founder's image, Edriss killed Lore David Altman, believing that dead leaders were revered while leaders who were alive could have their reputation and legacies torn down.[1]


Founding The SharingEdit

"I had acquired a large, impressive male for use in speaking to my Sharing groups. This alternate host spent his days in a padlocked, soundproof room."
Edriss 562[src]

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"Finally, when I judged the time was right, I eliminated Lore David Altman. Humans will tear down a living leader but revere a dead one. I left behind sufficient writings... vague nostrums, platitudes, absurdities, prophecies, the sorts of transparent nonsense that humans pore over so endlessly."
Edriss 562[src]

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